I started making a birthday gift for my aunt last weekend (yes, that Aunt…the one that appreciates my handmade gifts).  I was hoping to make more than 4 birthday cards to gift her with but 4 is the number that I was inspired to make in the time limit I gave myself so 4 is what she gets.

This is card number 1. 

This was my “starter” card to try and get my creative juices flowing.  I had the paper out from the crocodile/alligator card and notepad and this leftover strip is what jumped out at me when I was going through my scrap pile.

As I initially planned on making a lot of cards, I kept the image simple – I didn’t want to spend a ton of time colouring.

More bonus points (that don’t actually earn me anything but personal satisfaction) for using two Prima flowers on this card.  I love these flowers and have LOTS of them but they’re not actually my style so I have trouble incorporating them into my cards. 

Back tomorrow with 2 more cards.