I totally lied when I said I’d be back yesterday.  I just didn’t have the energy to write a post.  As it is, my back is bothering me again today and I’m just taking enough time to write this before I lie down again. (sitting is the worst when my back is acting up)

This is a cute little card that could be used for lots of different reasons but it happens to be a Father’s Day card from a young girl. (thus the lack of ruffled ribbon! )

It’s quite plain but I wouldn’t really call it a masculine card though if I switched out the image it would definitely fly as a “man card”. 

I used my paper piercer instead of sewing but couldn’t resist double stamping the flower and glittering the top layer.

Incidentally, I’m enjoying using the copic markers that I bought so I think it’s time to order a few more to expand my collection.  I’m having trouble finding the colours that I want in stock from my usual sources but I’ll keep trying and, while I know I won’t be able to buy every colour, someday I’ll have enough to go with more of my patterned paper.   For now I’ll combine what I do have with some paper piecing.

Gotta lie down…did I mention there’s a PWCO blog hop this Saturday?  Make sure you stop by because I’ve got a few awesome projects to share plus a giveaway (as does everyone participating in the hop!)