Okay, it’s actually boxed moose but who ever heard of that?

WARNING – I don’t think my Aunt reads my blog but if she does and she’s reading right now, please come back after December 25th as one of your gifts is in this post.

Is she gone?


So, I needed to make an ornament for my aunt even though there is a handmade item in her Christmas gift this year as I make her something for the tree just about every Christmas.

I didn’t really have anything new to whip up this year so I had to come up with an idea from scratch.

I decided to make a felt ornament but didn’t know exactly what I could do that I hadn’t done before.  I finally went with something pertaining to life in Newfoundland so I made a moose ornament. (you could just as easily say it’s a reindeer – when you make them from felt they don’t really look that different)

Here’s the little guy I came up with:

Of course, I had to make a cute package to put him in so I quickly whipped this up:

…and here’s what the little guy looks like on MY tree (though he didn’t get to stay there…why don’t I ever make ornaments for myself?)

NOTE: If you want to try your hand at felt ornaments, it’s pretty easy.  I just drew on some paper until I got the right shape/scale that I wanted and then glued the shape to some cardboard that I cut out for tracing.  I then googled how to blanket stitch and found a helpful tutorial.  I kind of garbled up the antlers but I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt!