Just a quick post as I don’t really have anything “new” to show.  Lots of the same thing over and over again as the last week and the next few weeks are all about quantity.

I’ve been doing things like taking a stack of glass ornaments that look like this:

and covering them with copious amounts of glue and glitter so they look like this:

That’s phase 1. 

After that I have to cut out acetate circles, stamp and emboss images on said acetate (tricky…it slips and if I’m not patient with the heat gun, I wil warp the circles).  Then there’s colouring, more embossing and the final assembly.  This is my LEAST favourite craft to do but I’m hoping to get all the glass ornaments finished by the end of November.

I will leave you with a picture of an actual finished project – love the little touch of pink with the more traditional colours!