According to a stamp set I picked up in England last year they can…wanna see?

I’ve been so busy the last few days and NEEDED to get this done for tomorrow but had an appointment last night and got my hair cut and coloured tonight.  I did manage to finish this up in time but wish I had more time to properly blog.

I’ve got a couple of cards waiting their turn to be in the spotlight and I’m hoping to get then on the site this weekend.

I also hope to get my room tidied up (it’s been worse but it’s not picture-worthy) so I can show you the guest chairs DH slapped put together for me last night between working on the fence and our appointment.  I was going to assemble them but when I opened the box and found out that it was more like a 3-D puzzle of a chair (times 2) I bailed.

So if Karen G and Melanie M are reading this, you’ve got your own rolling chairs now (though they are small of scale – which wouldn’t work for me because I am large of butt) which are a step up from those student chairs you see at Staples.  We all just need to figure out when we can get together for a little crafting session.   Soon, I hope!

I will really, really try to post something again tomorrow.  For now, I’m thinking about going to bed early (ish – it’s already 10 pm) and reading for a little while.