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Whew!  On Saturday, I managed to do 2 of my homework assignments for the on-line card class I’m taking.  While creating my second project, a “bonus” day email came in which includes another day of homework.  Of course, this isn’t the kind of homework we did in school so it’s not horrible to have an assignment that requires making a card but I’ve learned from this first week that I need to keep on top of things for week 2.  I just haven’t figured out how I’m going to do that yet.

Today’s card is card number 3 for my class (one of the two I made on Saturday – stay tuned to see how successful (or not) I was on Sunday).

This class was all about inking techniques.  I chose the labels technique because it was the easiest of the projects for me to try my hand at.  I loved the layout that was used in the class so I used the same basic layout but changed things up by using a patterned paper background and twine instead of the band of paper running along the bottom of the model card.

cas class 3

I actually like this concept but I’d like to revisit it when I have more time to play around.  I think a white background with strips of patterned paper (instead of the labels that I stamped with a background stamp) would lend itself to some great, vibrant cards and give me a good way to use some of my scraps.

I also feel like a sentiment would be helpful and that this layout would have worked a little better in landscape orientation. (next time!!!)

Wish me luck on keeping on top with this week’s assignments.  Wonder if DH is in the mood to do all the cooking this week?!