friendship cas 6 banner

Today has been a productive day.  DH and I cleaned the fridge, behind the stove (not too dirty back there at all but I wanted to get that done), washed floors, shampooed the sofa and chair in the tv room, I’m currently on load number 4 of laundry and just managed to make my Day 6 card which also doubles as a sympathy card that I need!

The assignment for Day 6 was easier because it’s a sketch.  I did try to do an inking technique but after two failed attempts went with straight stamping the image in one colour.

friendship CAS Day 6

I used tone-on-tone with background stamping too and curved my sentiment by following the lines of the die (sort of!) so I got a lot of the tips I’ve picked up incorporated into this simple card.

I added a few flecks of white paint and strategically placed a few pearls throughout the image.  My picture is a little dark but I think the card has the right tone for a sympathy card and isn’t too sombre. 

I just need to add an appropriate note to the inside (might type it as my handwriting is illegible!) and get this out in the mail.  

We’re having lots of snow here today – not quite as much as Boston but today and tomorrow promise to be messy weather days so I’m hoping I get a little more card-making time in – I want to get as close to my 10 cards by the end of tomorrow as possible.  4 to go!