Reason For the Season 2015

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By request:

holy family

Sorry the picture is a little “off”…the card spread open a little when I was taking a picture and my room is in a sad state so I’m at the point where I hover over the card (and a lot of craft supplies) with my camera and it’s “one take or nothing”!

Cards, Cards, and More Cards

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No time for a real blog update.  I’ve finished the fundraiser so all the paw print ornaments have been created, packaged and delivered (well, I have a couple of stragglers).

Now I can move on to my regular Christmas crafting.  It’s going to take me a couple of weeks to catch up! (a good complaint but I’m very busy!!!)

Here’s what I’ve been doing today:

cards 2015

Tomorrow I’ll be making ornaments and snowman mugs…and gift bags, and cookie plates.  Not really – I can’t do all that tomorrow.  I’ll be making ornaments and then gift bags for the snowman mugs.  Hopefully, I can catch up on those items and get my list of things to do down to a manageable size.

Going out for an early birthday supper tonight with two of my favourite (don’t tell them) people.  It is going to be a fun evening!

Nautical Bridal Shower

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I don’t think I’ve posted these yet but this past summer was definitely the summer of all things nautical.

I whipped up a few favour tags and a piece of “art” for a bridal shower a little while ago.

Here are the tags:

nautical tags batch

…and another view for detail – these were to put on bottles of nail polish:

nautical tags

…and here’s the “art”:

nautical love sign

It got placed in a frame after I made it – never got to see it framed but I was quite pleased with it and it didn’t take long to make once I found an appropriate font and created my anchor.

If you haven’t voted yet, please make sure you do!  Your vote ALWAYS counts.

Back soon with more lost projects.

This and That

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nautical first banner

Sharing a couple more lost projects…the first one is a gift tag I made for a pet ornament but I didn’t take a photo of the ornament itself…duh!  However, I was quite happy with the water colouring on my tag.  Unfortunately, the gift was for a friend.  Her cat passed away (at a very old age but it’s always sad to lose your pet) and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her loss.

cat box

…and a couple of first birthday cards:

Card 1:

nautical first

Card 2:

just ducky

That’s it for today but I do have a few projects I whipped up for a nautical themed bridal shower that I’m sharing tomorrow.

Wedding Cards

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Thought I’d share a few cards I made last month but didn’t have a chance to post until now.

These were based on the wedding colours of each event and they were difficult to photograph due to the gold elements of the papers:

Card 1 was CASEd…I used stickers for the Mr & Mrs.

cream and blush

Card 2 was spectacular in real life.  I CASEd the vellum banners – I used white embossing powder for the stitching.  The top of the card is deeper red but the camera did not like this card.


gold congrats

Card 3 had the patterned paper do all the work.  I embossed the sentiment on some black cardstock and added some red gems to the hearts for a little extra bling.
happily gold

I have a few more “lost” projects to share so check back soon!

Elegant Birthday

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I’m going to drop my banners for the time being to make it faster to edit photos and blog about them.

My Aunt (the one I discuss at least twice a year on the old blog-a-roo) had a birthday last month but my kitchen was torn out so I couldn’t baker her traditional date and walnut loaves.  As I now have a fully functional (but still incomplete) kitchen, that was the first order of business this morning.

I don’t have pictures of the loaves (which are cooling on my sexy new granite counter as I type this) but I do have a picture of the birthday card I made this morning:

elegant birthday wishes

The white card is adhered to a transparency so there is a little bit of glare in the picture.  I used my Simon Says Stamp card kit from last month for this card.  Wish I had more time to play with my card-making supplies but I am still making lots of things – they’re just not papercrafts right now.

Time to go pull a zillion staples out of some kitchen chair cushions…at least it’s a rainy day so it’s a good time to be productive while indoors!

New Home Card/Canvas

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home banner

Still not spending much time in my craft room but I had to make a card (I’ll share later this week) and I felt a bit guilty about not doing anything else crafty – especially during the rainy weekend we had.

I decided to (rather randomly!) make a canvas for a co-worker who just purchased her first home with her husband.  The house hasn’t really been decorated yet so I don’t know what colours she has…I decided to go with something kind of trendy (though I could NOT get my camera to reflect the true colours of the project because I’d already varnished the canvas prior to photographing it – lesson learned)

Here’s the canvas I made using contact paper and my Silhouette as a stencil:

home heart canvas

It’s a darker brown IRL – not so, um, Sienna?

I custom mixed the blue-green and used a warm yellow (more golden IRL) as well.  I hope she likes it.

I also made a tag and a card to go with it.  The colours are similar tones to the canvas:

home heart

So there you have it…a card, a tag and a canvas – should have stretched this out into 3 separate posts!  😉

Cat’s Meow

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cats banner

Just popping in super-quick with a card I made for my cousin’s birthday.

I used a Limedoodle card for inspiration – thank God for card blueprints!  When you’re in a rush to make a card (in my case, because I am still being careful of my back), having an inspiration piece certainly speeds up the process.

cats meow

I used some patterned paper that a co-worker’s lovely wife sent me from one of our other office locations – it was beyond sweet of her (so there will be a thank you card to share soon) and there were lots of patterned papers in the goodies she sent that I would definitely use.

Must dash.  Writing this before work and I only have 5 minutes to settle in for the day.

Giraffe Redux

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giraffe redux banner


I’m part-time back in the saddle of the old craft room (complete with new “saddle” in the way of a new office chair as my old chair was not helping my bad back).

I do have to be careful of how long I spend seated and bending over to colour etc. but it’s good to get a few minutes here and there to play with my supplies.

I made this card a couple of weeks ago – it was actually on the first day of my latest bad back spell…I could barely sit up to make the card but it was time-sensitive (baby showers don’t get rescheduled for a card!) so I soldiered through and managed to make this.  Special thanks to DH who dropped it off at my office for the deadline.

giraffe redux

This card was made for the same shower the last giraffe card was for but I didn’t have much in the way of suitable secondary giraffes so I got this colouring page off the ‘net and printed it out to colour.  I was a bit overzealous with my embellishments -and have some of the asterisk-shaped wooden shapes somewhere that would have been perfect on this card but my back didn’t allow me to go searching for them…maybe next time if I have enough of this patterned paper left for another card.

I am really behind on cards that I need – two birthdays and a sympathy card are required post haste and I’m really hoping to get them done in the next day or so.  I also had another non-card project this weekend and I’ll be back to share that tomorrow for the sake of getting a few posts on the blog.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday…I’m going to do a little tidying up in the craft room to prepare for messing it up again to make cards!

Cards for a Cause

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Just dropping by quickly with an update…

I’ve been away from my craft room due to a bad back but prior to that, I made lots of Valentine’s Day cards to raise money for a local charity.

Most of the cards are CASEd so I can’t claim credit for layout…I did end up making $73.00 to donate to Beagle Paws!

image image image image

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