Polar the Pyreneese

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A few weeks ago I used my Christmas crafting time to create some special ornaments for a local organization (Rescue NL).  Doing this meant some of my customers had to wait an extra few days for their orders.  Nobody seemed to mind.  😉

I’ve been told that the ornaments were launched today and sold out pretty much immediately.  I just thought I’d share them now that they have been made public.  I’m especially pleased with the boxes I made to go with them.

If you’re not familiar with Polar’s story, he’s a Pyreneese Mountain dog who was treated so poorly that he doesn’t have much trust in people.  Rescue NL (and his foster mom) has been working hard to make a better life for Polar.  These ornaments were donated to help with the cost of creating an outdoor run/dog door for Polar as he is most happy outdoors and his foster mom needed a way for him to access his outside home independently.

Since I’m talking about pet rescues today, I want to take a moment to suggest that you donate to a local animal shelter this Christmas if you are able.  We make an extra donation each year in lieu of buying dog toys/presents for our beagles at Christmas.

Fall Round-Up

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Yep, Fall.  Haven’t updated the blog since July.  I do have a Facebook page if you’re interested in staying up to date.  I’m not planning on abandoning my blog but I am going to be revamping this site significantly when I get some downtime. (I’m currently taking a digital skills course which finishes in March and have decided to redesign my blog as my class project – I’m getting too old for new knowledge!)

Right now, I’m in the midst of my annual charity fundraiser for Beagle Paws.  I’ve made 97 of these babies so far:

…and 55 of these little guys:

I’m also working on other dog breeds but they’ve been on the back burner while the fundraiser above is going on.  Here’s a little taste (and some are drawn better than others – I’m no artist!):

Of course, there’s the wine glasses too…what would my crafting time be without snorting a little glitter each weekend?

I’m also working on another, smaller charity donation but it’s not ready to roll so blogging about that will have to wait.

In other Kelly news, I just bought an Instant Pot this morning (don’t worry, my blog won’t be dedicated to the cult of the Instant Pot) so that should be interesting.

Hang in there.  Blog’s not dead yet!

July in One Post

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I’ve been busy, what can I say?  The blog is neglected (I do have a FB page – Handmade By KellyBee if you want to pop by) but I’ve been doing crafty things – mostly on the weekends.

In addition to crafting, there’s been the usual round of summer visitors and home projects such as repainting our shutters and front door.  We have a bit of work to do on the front steps and then I’ll try to remember to share a before and after.  We have a white house so I was very surprised at what a change the new shutter colour made.

Some July projects:

groom gifts sophies mugs hubby wifey mugs night owl tote bag dog treat jar grad glasses beer tags

As you can see, cards have not been the main focus lately.  I’m really enjoying using my Silhouette Cameo to create projects and I’ve also been dabbling with some chalk paints lately…here’s the new toys:

chalk paint

It’s been very hot and humid in St. John’s – high 20’s most days which is not normal for this area of Canada.  It’s usually a bit cooler (low 20’s, high teens – I can’t translate to Fahrenheit but I’m guessing mid-to-low 70’s and right now it’s high 70’s to low 80’s.  Might not sound that hot to you but if you’re not used to it, it can feel pretty uncomfortable.)

My dad has been visiting from Ontario the last few weeks (he goes back next week) and my BFF has also been visiting from BC so I’ve had more social activities than usual.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I must go see what we’ll be making for supper this beautiful evening.

Weekend Round Up

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Well, two weekends worth of stuff…

Nurse Glitter Stem Wine Glass:

drink with a nurse

Graduation Mason Jar:


Dog Rules Subway Art:

dog rules

Father’s Day Pilsners:

fathers day pilsner

Father’s Day Mugs:

fathers day mugs

and finally, an actual card!!:

awesome teacher card

That’s it for now.  Back to work tomorrow. 🙁

Wood Signs

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I received a heads up from a friend that Dollarama has recently restocked some hanging wooden signs.

At $2 a piece I thought it was worth picking up a few to see what I could do with them.  They are a bit rough but a quick sanding takes care of most of the roughness.

The first sign was inspired by a sign that my friend has…

all guests sign

Sign number two is to hang in my kitchen window.  I love coffee almost as much as I love my beagles!

fresh brewed coffee sign

These signs come with a black chain for hanging.  I think them turned out well!

Doggie Treat Jars

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By request:

austin treat jar gemma treat jar

These were fun to do.  Makes me want to decorate the containers we use for Jack and Jill’s treats but you know the expression…”The shoemaker’s children have no shoes.”

Back tomorrow with a few cards.

New Skillz

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Well, not yet…but I did have some fun playing with acrylic paint and a couple of palette knives over the weekend.  I don’t have “good” pictures to share but will try to remember to take some once everything is varnished and dry.

Painting 1: Poppies (16″X20″)

poppy painting

Painting 2: Blue flowers (I think this is a 12″x16″)

blue flowers

I also made a couple of Easter cards this afternoon:

easter cards 2017

I’m really struggling with my card-making lately.  I want to make cards but when I sit down to do it, I lose all focus and end up with nothing.  Hope I find my mojo soon!

Catching Up…

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I always think I’m about to catch up on things in my craft room when another project comes along.

This week I made a Game of Thrones wine glass, a volleyball themed card and two personalized dog bandannas for a dog-lover client who wants to gift them to a fairly well-known husky in Canada – Nymeria.

Nymeria is walking across Canada with her owner, Bret Mavriik to raise awareness about children’s mental health (Follow Our Walk – I’d link it but the link I went to is dead and I don’t want to send you to the wrong place).

Here are the week’s results:

GOT Wine glass nymeria followourwalk

It might not seem like much production for a whole week but the wine glasses take 4 days and they get a lot of glitter everywhere so I had to completely finish that project before moving on to something else.

I had to wash the broadcloth before I could cut out and sew the bandannas so that took a little extra time as well. (I also forgot to flip the heat transfer vinyl before cutting it out so I wasted half a sheet…dummy!)

DH is away visiting his family so I’m a single dog parent at the moment.  That – and trying to master the snowblower because spring will never arrive in Newfoundland – is also keeping me pretty busy/tired during the week.

Hoping to deglitter the craft room tomorrow and play with a few new stamp sets…can’t remember the last time I made a card for fun.

March Madness

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Busy month so far but I haven’t had time to share my projects.

I’ve mostly been glittering wine glasses – I should have a few Paddy’s Day themed ones to share by week’s end.

In between painstakingly sealing wine glass stems, I made a couple of makeup brush holders.  I couldn’t find the shape that I’ve been seeing on Pinterest (other than the stemless wine glasses but I didn’t want to use those) so I bought a couple of small glass canisters and tossed the lids.

NOTE:  These things use a LOT of glitter…and a lot of sealer…and a lot of patience.  I doubt I’ll get into making them.

makeup brush holder

I don’t have much in the way of makeup brushes so I used paint brushes for the picture.  A cute project but not worth the time/supplies.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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Another weekend gone in the blink of an eye.

DH kindly finished fixing my flooring issue this past week and I also got a lighting upgrade so picture taking should improve too!

Just to demonstrate the difference in the light, here is a typical picture that I took just to show what I was doing in my craft room (rather than a picture of an actual project):

valentine wine

…and here’s a picture I took today:

packing up

HUGE difference.  Bigly, even.

I’m very excited to be able to see properly while crafting (as I get older, it’s been harder to see the finer details on my projects.  The light upgrade will certainly help)!  Not only is my craft room in the basement of our bungalow but the snow has completely covered the window I do have and not a drop of natural light can get in.  The new lights are daylight fluorescent – which I was a bit worried about getting as I hate working under them all day in the office – and they are a great working light.  Much better than the fixture I had previously as it had 4 halogen “spotlights” and the room was filled with shadows.

In addition to some wine glasses and a pair of socks, I made a few dog bandannas this weekend.  One is my typical “name” bandanna and two are double-sided Harry Potter themed. (NOTE: Generally speaking, I won’t be making these again – it takes WAY longer to make a two-coloured bandanna and I also had some bleeding issues when heating both sides of the HTV).

I didn’t get a picture of the name bandanna but here’s the HP ones (the red didn’t come out right thanks to my new lighting.  Gonna have to play with the settings on my camera a bit):

The last picture shows what’s on the opposite side of both the red and the green bandannas.  Pretty cute!

gryffindor slytherin solemnly

That’s it for me.  I don’t have any orders to work on this week so I’m probably going to play with the February Card Kit from Simon Says Stamp (coffee themed!) and work on some tags/packaging for my little shop.

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