Christmas Projects – Ring Dish and Reindeer “Noses”

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Still working away on my Christmas ideas.

Today I found the perfect little dishes at Pier 1 to make some monogrammed ring dishes for gifts.  At first I was going to do a circular monogram (once I worked out how to do it!) but the dishes are square so I went for a clean, simple initial in matte gold:

ring dish

I think it turned out quite cute! (looks nicer in person – the gold is looking kind of brown in the picture)

I also made some reindeer noses (concept from Pinterest) which are Whoppers and red gumballs:

reindeer noses

Surprisingly, the reindeer noses are kind of pricey.  I only had enough Whoppers to make 8 bags but I want to make 4 more simply because I already coloured my reindeer!

Back soon – lots to share!

Gift Card Holders

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Gift cards are very popular these days but the holders that come with the cards are not especially attractive.

I made a few gift card holders that are more aesthetically pleasing AND indicate that some thought and care were put into the gift.

2015 gift card holders

There are lots of different gift card holders on Pinterest etc. but I liked these because the gift card “pops up” on the inside.

2015 gift card inside

I didn’t have a gift card handy so I used a Silhouette download card – they’re the same size as a gift card.

These are a little bit time-consuming but come together pretty quickly once you cut all the pieces and get to the assembly stage.  I think they’re cute!

This and That

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nautical first banner

Sharing a couple more lost projects…the first one is a gift tag I made for a pet ornament but I didn’t take a photo of the ornament itself…duh!  However, I was quite happy with the water colouring on my tag.  Unfortunately, the gift was for a friend.  Her cat passed away (at a very old age but it’s always sad to lose your pet) and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her loss.

cat box

…and a couple of first birthday cards:

Card 1:

nautical first

Card 2:

just ducky

That’s it for today but I do have a few projects I whipped up for a nautical themed bridal shower that I’m sharing tomorrow.

New Notepads

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I used the last page in the notepad I jot down my grocery list in and shamed myself into making a new one. (the old one was a leftover that I didn’t sell 2 Christmases ago!)

I’ve been on a huge beagle kick lately as I’m sick of making cards so I’ve been doing my own stuff using my dogs as inspiration.

I made a couple of notepads using an existing stamp set that I own but couldn’t really get them to look like beagles so I downloaded a free digi stamp from Jane’s Doodles and modified it slightly to get a little more “tri-colour”:

pawprint notepads

The two notepads on the left were stamped with ink and the one on the right was printed out – which meant I could create my own sentiment.  I will be colouring the heart on the tag…just wanted to quickly blog about it for the sake up updating poor old

It’s finally a nice day here in St. John’s (I don’t want to talk about Jucembuary) so I’m going to go enjoy some heat while we actually have it!

Here Come Peter Cottontail

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felt bunny banner

I’ve been making some felt bunnies for Easter and finally got the packaging sorted out (altered a cut file to fit my little hand-stitched bunnies) so now I can share them on my blog.

I don’t have much in the way of 12″x12″ paper so the boxes are using some “old school” patterns but they’re fairly Spring-like if not particularly “on trend”.

bunny boxes

I’m finding that stitching the bunnies is fairly relaxing and it’s something I can do in the t.v. room so I’m with DH and the pups instead of in isolation.  It also keeps the dogs settled as they tend to pace back and forth between whatever rooms DH and I happen to be in.

I made a bunch of different colours…these would make the cutest banner if I shrunk the size down a bit and strung them together.

felt bunnies

Back soon with a simple card.  Bunnies have been using up all my crafting time.

Mini Mail Box

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mini mail banner

After hearing the sad news that Target is closing its doors in Canada, I went on a Target shopping trip Friday at lunchtime to browse the store before it all gets picked over and abandoned like the Zellers stores did when they started liquidating.  I am definitely going to miss Target as I’m not a huge fan of Wal-Mart and liked the variety of home decor and other odds and ends I could find there for making little gifts.

The dollar spot was pretty much wiped out (as usual) but I did manage to score two little plastic mailboxes that I thought were darn cute.

Initially, they were going to be for a Valentine’s Day project but I’m currently experiencing a Mojo block concerning that “holiday” so I thought I’d make some simple 3″x 3″ cards just to get myself back into crafting.

I challenged myself to use the scraps that were left from my owl boxes as there was quite a bit of patterned paper waste on that project.  I managed to cut enough card fronts for 10 3×3″ cards (though I only used 4 cards per mailbox).

I chose sentiments that are generic but could also be used for Valentine’s Day if desired (I think!) and made 2 each of the following 4 cards:

mini mailbox cards 1

mini mailbox cards 2

Once all the cards were made I used some super thin cardstock (Recollections) to create mini envelopes and bundled the cards and envelopes up with some hemp twine:

mini mail bundle

The top of the mail box opens so you can fill it with “whatever”…

mini mailbox filled

Oh, and the box comes in red or a nice charcoal grey:

mini mail choices

Enjoy the last day of the weekend…I have laundry to do!

Parliament Is In Session!

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apple owl banner

I cut a few cute Lori Whitlock boxes on my Silhouette on Monday and decorated them for Valentine’s Day.

The original plan was to make 3X3″ cards and envelopes and package them in the boxes but (and I can’t tell you why) I decided I wanted to make some felt owls (so random!) to put in the boxes.

I looked at a few owls on Pinterest (which were all lovely) but really didn’t want to copy someone else (plus my cutting/sewing skills are a big fat ZERO) so I started sketching out a pattern when I realized it would be so much better if I could use steel dies to cut the felt pieces.

Long story short (sure…I’ll keep rambling for ages) I dug through my dies and found an apple shaped die (Spellbinders) that I got at Winners last year that “kind of” looked like an owl if you turned it upside down.  I cut out an apple and used the negative cut on some scrap paper to sketch out a design.  It worked!

Here is the end result (and my next post will be a tutorial but it might have to wait for the weekend as it will be a long one):


Pretty cute, hey? (NOTE: If you don’t know this -and kudos if you do – a “group” of owls is called a Parliament.)

They do take me about an hour each to make (including the felt-cutting time) but they’re fun to construct.  You can’t see it in the picture above but I’ve made them into ornaments by incorporating some baker’s twine hangers.

Oh, and remember the box I initially started off with?  Here’s what they look like all ready to receive an owl:

apple owl box

…bird’s nests…

owl nests

Check back soon for my tutorial!

Love Shack

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val notebook banner

I’ve officially started creating Valentine-themed items so my craft room will be the Love Shack for the next month or so. (hopefully!)

While reorganizing (or partially reorganizing as I got bored with it before I could do the whole room) I found a package of 5 notepads in my altered items stash.  These are a bit smaller than the notepads I usually make and I don’t think I could source them again so I decided to either make something with them or throw them in the “out with the old” pile.

Of course, I couldn’t resist altering the darn things.  Altered notepads are probably my favourite gift item to make.

Over to the inspiration station I went to find some stamps and papers that I wanted to use.  As there were only 5 notepads, I decided to make them all different.  I also decided to make them whimsical instead of elegant (not a shock) so that had an impact on the papers and stamps I chose.

While making my choices, I thought it would be nice to incorporate a pen or pencil on the notepads as well but I wanted to make the pads fold over the top instead of to the side like I usually do so I had to come up with a way to attach the pen/pencil a bit differently (for me, not for the paper-crafting world).

Ribbon was the easiest choice so I pulled out some red and some pink grosgrain and went to work. (it’s hard to see the pencil on the right-hand notebooks as I had to hold them open a bit for them to stand up for the pictures)

valentine notebooks

…and (these 2 are my favourites)

valentine notebooks 2


valentine notebooks 3

I packaged them all up when I was done – the lightbox did something weird with the red cellophane heart on the bags…they don’t look so radioactive in real life!

valentine notebooks packaged

So there you have it!  My first Valentine project for 2015.

Valentine “Inspiration Station”

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valentine ins banner

No card or paper craft to show you today but I did get my Valentine Inspiration Station set up so I thought I’d share that today.  My new cork/white board is installed as well though the only things on it right now are two sticky notes that were stuck to my monitor (and I have to remember to bring a dry erase marker down from the kitchen as well as get an eraser…)

Here’s the board – I’m sure this is the last time it will be so empty:


Very exciting, no?  😉

Let’s move on to something less heart palpitating, shall we?

I keep my out of season craft supplies in photo boxes in my little closet.  It reduces clutter and also helps me inventory what I have or need for each “holiday”.  I have lots of Christmas items but try to keep Halloween/Easter/Valentine’s down to as few boxes as possible as I don’t really need a lot of stuff for those occasions.

Yesterday, I took out the two photo boxes of Valentine’s stuff – which is mostly packaging such as printed bags, little plastic heart-shaped containers and excelsior (crinkled paper used to line a gift basket).  I went through and removed items I thought I might want to use and placed them in my tiered tray.

I then “shopped my stash” to find other everyday items that have a Valentine’s theme (think hearts, pinks, reds…)

Once I’d gathered everything, I arranged it on my tray so I could easily see all the embellishments without having to dig through the contents.  Here’s one side of the tray:

valentine inspiration station

…and here is the opposite side:

valentine ins side two

Of course, I also need patterned paper and image stamps so I went through my 6×6″ paper pads and pulled all the Valentine/Love themed pads and then I flipped through my clear stamp sets and pulled all the ones I thought could be used for a Valentine’s Day card. (In reality, I will probably only use a few of the sets but it’s nice to have choices!)

valentine shop

Once I had those selections made, I put them all in a box and placed them next to the tiered tray.

valentine shop 2

I like to put all the seasonal papers/stamps in a box as it’s easy to move it out of the way if I need more space when working on a project.  It’s likely this (kind of ugly) box will live on the floor next to my 6″x 6″ paper collection once I get going on card making.  When I’m working on Christmas crafts, I actually use a plastic dishpan from the dollar store to hold all my papers and stamps.  That always stays on the floor rather than the work top as it takes up too much space.  I could have used that same pan for the Valentine’s themed items but it’s too large and I find that if there is a lot of extra space in the box, things fall over which makes it harder to see what I have.

Hopefully, I’ll actually get to use some of this stuff before I go back to work!

Box Punch Board

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ornament box banner

Happy 2015!

Out with the old, in with the new.

I’m still in the process of reorganizing and culling some unused craft supplies so I haven’t made anything new but I do have a picture of the second hand made box I made a little while ago:

ornament box

I used my Box Punch Board for this and finished it off with some baker’s twine and a tag made from scraps on my work top.  I used a lot of peppermint sticks on my handmade gifts this year.  I wish the packaging didn’t have blue text but they do add a little something to the wrapping and they are not very expensive (you can buy them at Bulk Barn).

I’m really not looking forward to going through my 12X12″ paper over the next day or so to weed out the stuff I’ll never use.  I’ve got 3 boxes of assorted supplies plus a white “kitchen catcher” full of garbage but I feel like I haven’t even made a dent in my stash.  This is partially because I had to make room for my silhouette vinyl and mats etc. so I did clean out a few things but more stuff took over…the circle of life.  😉

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