Year End Round Up

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This won’t be much of a round-up but I thought I’d end the year with a blog post.

I’ve had this week off and it’s been a relaxing and somewhat productive time.

I’ve read 6 books (3 that I got for Christmas and 3 that I bought after Christmas), crocheted a new throw for the tv room, baked bread, made lots of meals in the Instant Pot, did a half-decent gutting out of my craft room (I could do better but I love my stuff!!!!), and even made a quick wood sign for my kitchen this afternoon!

In other news, my older brother sent me a heat press so that’s exciting!  Rich (DH) had bought me a Cricut Easy Press for Christmas but this unexpected gift has a few more bells and whistles.  I returned the Easy Press and bought a piece of furniture to hold the larger heat press as it weighs about 60 lbs and I didn’t really have appropriate real estate in my craft room.  Special thanks to DH who came to the rescue when I started to put the cart together – the parts were well-labelled but there were a zillion pieces!  I went with a mobile cart as the press is the swing-away type and I wanted to make sure there was plenty of room to move the hot plate out of my way while using the machine.

I haven’t used the press other than to test it to make sure it functions but it did a fabulous job melding the heat transfer vinyl to a scrap of cotton and it was MUCH faster than using the iron.  Should be a very cool toy!

That’s about it for my last post of the year.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and that 2018 brings you much health and happiness.

Polar the Pyreneese

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A few weeks ago I used my Christmas crafting time to create some special ornaments for a local organization (Rescue NL).  Doing this meant some of my customers had to wait an extra few days for their orders.  Nobody seemed to mind.  😉

I’ve been told that the ornaments were launched today and sold out pretty much immediately.  I just thought I’d share them now that they have been made public.  I’m especially pleased with the boxes I made to go with them.

If you’re not familiar with Polar’s story, he’s a Pyreneese Mountain dog who was treated so poorly that he doesn’t have much trust in people.  Rescue NL (and his foster mom) has been working hard to make a better life for Polar.  These ornaments were donated to help with the cost of creating an outdoor run/dog door for Polar as he is most happy outdoors and his foster mom needed a way for him to access his outside home independently.

Since I’m talking about pet rescues today, I want to take a moment to suggest that you donate to a local animal shelter this Christmas if you are able.  We make an extra donation each year in lieu of buying dog toys/presents for our beagles at Christmas.

Fall Round-Up

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Yep, Fall.  Haven’t updated the blog since July.  I do have a Facebook page if you’re interested in staying up to date.  I’m not planning on abandoning my blog but I am going to be revamping this site significantly when I get some downtime. (I’m currently taking a digital skills course which finishes in March and have decided to redesign my blog as my class project – I’m getting too old for new knowledge!)

Right now, I’m in the midst of my annual charity fundraiser for Beagle Paws.  I’ve made 97 of these babies so far:

…and 55 of these little guys:

I’m also working on other dog breeds but they’ve been on the back burner while the fundraiser above is going on.  Here’s a little taste (and some are drawn better than others – I’m no artist!):

Of course, there’s the wine glasses too…what would my crafting time be without snorting a little glitter each weekend?

I’m also working on another, smaller charity donation but it’s not ready to roll so blogging about that will have to wait.

In other Kelly news, I just bought an Instant Pot this morning (don’t worry, my blog won’t be dedicated to the cult of the Instant Pot) so that should be interesting.

Hang in there.  Blog’s not dead yet!

Out With The Old

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owto banner

(Warning – Long Post!)

Whew!  Spent a couple of hours weeding out old patterned paper and other bits and bobs I haven’t used in a long time.  In some cases, I found lots of things I have never used at all!

I still have more weeding/purging to do but I’ve had enough for now and I need to think about rearranging some things which might require purchasing a few new bins/baskets for them.  I actually did buy a few fridge binz before Christmas for my dies, glitter, and baker’s twine – and I have some marker storage on the way as well.  Once I’ve decided where each ‘work station’ will be I’ll have a better idea as to what I need.

One big change for me was moving my “light box” when I purchased a Silhouette Cameo back in September.  I had no other option but to set the Silhouette up where my light box used to be.  As a result, my photo-taking suffered as the new location is poorly lit and is a much tighter space.

Luckily, I received a small light box for my birthday and some lamps for Christmas so I’ve swapped out my foam board set up for these new items and they just fit in the new spot.

tour 2015 5

Observe the awesome cardboard box used to prop the light box up high enough for ease of picture-taking. (the unit above the light box needs to be weeded out…maybe tomorrow!)

After I purchased the Silhouette, I sold my Cameo and the cartridges/accessories that came with it and realized I haven’t been using my sewing machine much either so I tucked it into the shelf I gained from removing the cartridges and turned the bookshelf up to its rightful orientation which makes the room seem a little more spacious.  I did lose a bit of real estate as the top of the shelf is not as long now but I prefer the smaller footprint.

tour 2015 2

I keep my vinyl, crocheting supplies, computer manuals/accessories, Selphy printer, sewing machine and (very recently) the majority of my Prima flowers in this unit.  I used to keep my wood-mounted stamps in a box on one of the shelves but they were difficult to sort through so they were not getting any use.  I also keep “Thickers” and other stickers in the organizer on top of the shelves.

As mentioned earlier, the Silhouette has moved to my old light box location.  Since I use it in conjunction with my computer, it makes sense to have it right next to it.  The teal cover clashes terribly with my room but it was on sale for 50% less than the other colours (which didn’t match the room either) so I’m living with my choice.  The printer is over to the right of the monitor.  It’s an ancient DeskJet 932C but it works well with cardstock so I’ll keep it for as long as it continues to function.

tour 2015 3

I found a dry erase/cork board on sale at Target a few days ago and, hopefully, my husband will be installing on the wall for me in the near future.  I’m going to ask him to hang on the wall perpendicular to the computer so I can actually reach it without having to lean over my work top.  Currently, when working on custom orders, I stick post it notes to the wall to keep track of what has been done/needs doing and the huge number of ornaments I made this past Christmas has taught me that I really need a better system.

Since I seem to be giving you a tour, I’ll just quickly go through the rest of the room.

This is technically my main work area.  I do my colouring here as well as any precision cutting with a craft knife.  Most of my supplies are in this area. (my 12×12″ patterned paper is in the drawers in the desk well…I rarely use these papers).

tour 2015 4

To the left of this area is the light box – which I’ve already shown you – and my coloured cardstock is kept in the filing cabinet below the light box.  My unmounted SU! stamps, as well as PTI and a few other brands are kept in CD cases in a CD holder that tucks perfectly in the space between the filing cabinet and the wall (you can scroll back up to the light box picture if you really want to see them)

My 6×6″ patterned paper, which is the paper I used the most, is stored in a small unit on the floor.  You can see that the unit is quite full so I need to be more selective about what I buy or do a purge of this paper as well. (there’s more in a drawer under my other work top…it’s an addiction!)

tour 2015 6

Continuing around the room, you’ll see the area where I do my cardstock and paper cutting as well as the assembly of my paper crafts.  If I’m doing heat embossing etc, I will tend to work over here as well because I’m a messy crafter and there is usually more room to spread out on this side of my work area.  The paper trays are where I keep my scraps.  Every few weeks I’ll pick out all the cardstock scraps that aren’t white and re-file them in the cabinet.  White goes in the second tray – which is the first place I’ll go to find a suitable scrap before cutting a new sheet – and the bottom tray is where I keep pre-printed sentiments and a few other odds and ends.  My bakers twine, glitter, and white cardstock are all kept in the units here.  The small closet in the background holds “off season” supplies as well as non-papercrafting items.

tour 2015 7

What’s next?  Um, here’s the rest of the island – I do my die-cutting over to the left and that’s also where I keep my score board.  Dies are in bins in the units below and I also keep my punch boards, 12×12″ cardstock and specialty paper such as vellum and watercolour paper over here.  There is a somewhat under-utilized bookcase behind the open door.  The bookcase you see in the picture is actually out in our tv room.  The closet to the right is for off-season clothing, luggage and general storage.

tour 2015

One last picture…an overview of my work area for better perspective.  The two-tiered tray wasn’t featured in the last picture…it’s the start of my Valentine’s “Inspiration Station”.  I’ll try to remember to share a picture once I’ve shopped my stash.

tour 2015 8

Enjoy your weekend!

Just a Quickie!

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I’m still here, still crafting/baking/making cards for Christmas.

I’m like the shoemaker (the shoemaker’s children have no shoes) and have only JUST finished making my Christmas cards for local recipients (well, I actually have one more to do but I don’t have to mail it).

Some of my friends are probably going to receive their cards a little late this year – just can’t bring myself to use a store bought card for a friend.

Here’s a couple of the cards I made yesterday:

sweet snow

jolly hello

I mostly used left over images that were already cut out but not coloured as well as pieces of patterned paper that I’d pulled from paper pads – these were papers I was going to use previously and I changed my mind.  Now that they’re cut into, I don’t have to worry about loose sheets being stored away that will probably get dog-earred or otherwise damaged.

Just a few more days of work and then I’m off for Christmas so maybe I can catch up on a few blog posts then.

Have To BEE Brief

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I’m hoping to do a few blog posts over the weekend but just wanted to share the birthday surprise that was waiting on my desk when I arrived at work this morning:

2014-12-12 09.26.34

Isn’t that amazing?  My co-worker (Jane) made this balloon bee and had it all installed at my desk before I got in to work this morning.

(Ignore my desk…it wasn’t photo-ready so you’re seeing a bit of everything on my junk shelf)

It was a pretty good surprise and a great way to start the last day of the work week.  Thanks Jane!

Difficult Cards To Make

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I debated whether to even post this on my blog but it is MY blog so I’m going to go ahead.

Before this past week, I would have said that Sympathy cards were the most difficult to make.  This week I learned that Thank You cards can be equally difficult as I’ve just spent the afternoon making thank you cards for some family and friends to thank them for their kindness over the past week.

My mother passed away last Friday.   She’s had dementia for several years and spent the last year of her life in a long term care facility as it was no longer possible for her to remain at home.  She had been slowly deteriorating and we knew that this day would come.  I’d hoped she would pass quietly in her sleep but she became ill last Thursday and passed on Friday.

I won’t go into all the details of what I’ve gone through emotionally this past week with planning her funeral etc. but I did sit down and make some thank you cards that I hope she would have been pleased with (she would have – she loved my cards and kept every one I’d ever made for her).  I was going to do the background in pink because it was her favourite colour but it was just too bright so I used her second favourite colour – blue.

sympathy thank you

I love you Mom.  To quote what you always said to me after every visit, “I’m so glad we had this time together.”

Gone To The Dogs

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beagle banner

Warning – long post!

We signed the final adoption papers for our new beagle today (and went to Pet Smart for some new toys and treats to celebrate) so Jill is here to stay.

DH and I found Jill through an organization called Beagle Paws – it’s also where we found Jack over 3 years ago when we were finally ready to adopt a dog.  I’d done some volunteer work for them a few times so I knew that’s where we’d be looking when the time came.

The first time we adopted a dog, we were willing to take an older dog – practically sight unseen – as long as he was house trained as we both work during the day and didn’t have a lot of time to stay home with the dog when we first got him.  Our game plan was to adopt on a long weekend to give us all three days to get to know each other.

That worked out really well but because this time around we already had a dog in the family, we needed a new dog that would fit our fairly specific needs (Jack is a timid little guy and he’s getting older and a bit grumpier so there were a few concerns).  Thankfully, Beagle Paws (and their foster families) were very patient and arranged 3 separate “meet and greet” sessions with some pretty little girl beagles but I didn’t get that feeling that the fit was right.  It was quite disheartening but I didn’t want to put ourselves, Jack, and the potential adoptee through the process if we were not going to keep the dog.  After those 3 visits, I was worried that I’d never get the feeling I was waiting for (DH loved them all and would have adopted any one of them) but we met number 4 a couple of weeks ago and I loved her within 2 minutes of meeting her.  She totally won me over and it was all I could do to leave her with her foster mom long enough to arrange the trial adoption.

I made her foster mom a little thank you gift last night which I’ll show you in a moment but first, here’s a candid of our two little beagle babies:

jack and jill

Jack can still be a little grumpy around Jill but she adores him and most of the time Jack “allows” her to be in his presence (and mostly use his butt as a pillow as you can see in the above picture – Jill is on the left).  Presumably they’ll get a little chummier as time goes by.

Enough (for now) about our four-legged friends…

I made Jill’s foster mom a set of 4 dog-themed cards and packaged them up in a glassine bag.  Because this is the longest post ever, I’ll just share the pics (and mention that the “S’up” card was copied from one I saw on Pinterest):

beagle 1

beagle 2

beagle 3

beagle 4

beagle bundle

…and a close up of the tag:

beagle tag



All About Babies

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No stamping today to speak of but I have 3 “baby” stories to share:

First up, I made a batch (12) of Thank You cards for my SIL to use for baby shower gifts and initially thought it would be easier to make 12 baby-themed embellishments with my Cricut than to stamp and colour 12 images from my limited selection of baby stamps.

I was wrong.

I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent assembling the baby carriage image I chose from Simply Charmed.  There were 4 rounds of cutting (wheels and base of head, cheeks, frilly bits plus bow on baby, baby’s face and the actual main image) and the wheels alone were enough to make me scream.  I had to pluck all the little bits out from between the spokes and found the whole exercise a bit frustrating.  The things we do for love!

After a full day, I did manage to finish the set of cards but they certainly don’t reflect the amount of time that went into them:

I tried using patterned paper for the circle behind the carriage and, while it looked cute prior to attaching to the card base, the original paper I chose to place on the base was just too busy so I rummaged around and found something a little more solid as a substitute.

As all the cards are the same layout, I mixed things up a little by using 3 different colours for card bases – Pink Pirouette, Barely Banana, and Kraft.  I like the Kraft version the best.

Secondly, I forgot to share the completed box to package the baby ornament (for the same baby as the thank you cards) I made in THIS post:

I love the contrast of the kraft cardstock with the soft pink paper and ribbon!

…and my final “baby” story…

Our beagle loves to roll around on the grass (unfortunately) but I won’t let him do it while we are on our walks so I make sure to give him some quality lawn time when we get home.   Who knows what my neighbours think when they see Jack in action.  It was difficult to take a picture as he was moving around the entire time.  Note the tongue sticking out in complete ecstasy:

Baby Shower Colour Blast

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I haven’t had a chance to do any Christmas projects in the last few days as I had some card orders and personal card requirements to fulfil.

One of my orders was for a baby shower card (baby girl) so I used my cutest Whipper Snapper baby-themed stamp.  I’ve actually been wanting to make a card with this stamp for a while as I knew I was going to double stamp the heads on each of the animals so I could pop them up on dimensionals.

The pink circle actually matches the card a little better than the picture might indicate.  I used copics to colour the image but the purple section on the umbrella bled a little so I paper pieced some of the yellow background paper to hide the bleed.

The pearls to the left of the sentiment were white but I coloured them with Copics.  I have a LOT of flat backed pearls in assorted colours but they are rarely the shade I am looking for.  I’ve taken to only buying black, white and cream pearls now and I’ll just colour the white ones as required.  I should probably start experimenting with clear rhinestones too because I’ve got quite the collection of those in different useless shades as well!

On a totally different topic, I have to brag about our dog, Jack.  His picture was recently chosen as the cover picture on the 2012 Beagle Paws calendar.  (it’s a non-profit that finds homes for beagles and it’s where we adopted Jack from just over a year ago)  I know that Jack doesn’t really know he is now a famous dog but we’re proud of him all the same!

I’d share a link to where you can order the calendar (all proceeds go to this wonderful organization) but they’re having some issues on their site at the moment (a virus, so I really don’t want to be blamed for you going there if your virus software is not up to date) so I’ll share a picture of the calendar that I “borrowed” from the internet:

Yup!  That’s the sweet face that greets me when I come home!  When we adopted this older (5-6 years), timid, trembling, relatively untrained dog last year, I thought he was lucky to have us take him into our home but I now realize it is my husband and I are that are lucky he came to live with us.  He’s brought a lot of love and joy to us in the last 13 months and I look forward to every year that we have him in our lives.

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