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This is such a repetitive theme but I haven’t had much time for crafting lately.  Our trial beagle adoption has gone well despite Jack (our “existing” beagle) taking a while to warm up to Jill (our new beagle).

Jack is an older beagle and he’s a bit of a nervous dog so Jill has not become his best buddy overnight but he is tolerating her and she simply adores him (and us – she’s a very affectionate little girl!).  We think she’ll be good company for Jack and will help him build his confidence.  In any event, it’s been a busy couple of weeks adding a second dog to our household – especially when the new dog is a lot more energetic than Jack.

I managed to slip into my craft room for a full hour tonight without a single beagle sniffing at the door – Jack is usually in here a dozen times while I’m making a card so it’s been a peaceful time for me.  I even got to play with new stamps and dies that I got with some birthday money!  Here’s the card:


I whipped this one up pretty quickly so there wasn’t a lot of thought put into the placement of the stamps.  I should have stamped the sentiment in two steps as there is a bit too much space between the lines but it turned our fairly cute (picture is dark, sorry!) and there was so little colouring which makes for an easy card.

Time to put away my toys and get Jack and Jill settled for the evening.  I’ll try to post a picture or two next time I blog. (DH is the photographer in the family so I’ll have to get him to send me a few)