Well, the season is just about over.  We hosted our last “formal” dinner last night for my older brother and his wife who are visiting from Ontario.  We also hosted a Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner plus had some family over for finger foods on Boxing Day evening so it’s been a busy time for cleaning and cooking. (I don’t mind the cooking – it’s the dish washing that gets to me!)

Today is a day with ZERO plans (though I might have to brave the supermarket for some milk, bread and flour – wonder if I can convince DH to go with me?) so I thought it would be a good time to start boxing up my Christmas supplies so I can tidy the room before I switch over to Valentine’s Day gear.  I also needed to make a gift tag for a bottle of wine I’m taking to my cousin’s house tomorrow and was pleased to find enough supplies in the leftover scraps to produce an oversized tag that I think is perfect to hang on a bottle of red:


 The tag is 3 inches wide which is bigger than your standard tag but it dresses up the bottle nicely.  I just have to find the right size gift bag for the coasters, napkins and wine charms that accompany the gift.  I love a theme gift – it’s like using double-sided paper.  If you stick with the theme it’s so easy to come up with additional items for gift giving.  I use this process in my home decorating as well.  Whatever works, right?

Speaking of chilling, here is a shot of Jack chillaxin’ on the sofa in our t.v. room.  He’s lying on the blanket that Santa brought him this year (don’t worry, he got lots of treats too!)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you had a chance to do some chillin’ too!