I had a request for a Christening card – no problem…oh, wait…there’s a problem

Oddly enough, I’ve only ever had to make Christening cards for girls and usually go with a Christening dress shaped card with a bit of ribbon and a rose…not gonna work for William.

Sooooo, after a futile search through every single one of my stamps, I realized I have NOTHING suitable for a boy’s Christening card.  I switched to checking out the options on all my Cricut cartridges – minus the Christmas ones – still nothing.  In total desperation, I looked at the Christmas cartridges – I thought there might be something religious on one of them – a cross, a decent shaped chapel – still zip.  Then, while looking at Joys of the Season, I spot “4 calling birds” and realize I can pretend one of the birds is a dove – that’s appropriate, right?

Well, it is now…

I used some glamour dust to make the “dove” a little less boring.  I didn’t have an appropriate sentiment for the front (blessings would have been nice) so I left it off.

I cut out 5 “doves” before deciding on the size and if I wanted a blue dove on a white background or a white dove on a blue background.  Blue dove won.

Congratulations, William!