Today I’m going to briefly describe how I packaged some Christmas cards for giving/selling.

The first set is the “Santa  Sack” – here’s a quick reminder of what the two Santa cards look like:

Santa Sack

The second set is the “Snowman Sack” (aren’t I creative with the naming of these sets?!):

snowman sack

I used some glassine sacks to package these (because everything looks WAY cooler in a glassine sack) and decorated them very simply by adding some washi tape to the bottom of each sack.  I then closed the sack by punching two holes in the folded top and threading some baker’s twine (which makes packaging look way cooler too!) through the holes.  A super-quick tag was made with some kraft cardstock and a couple of tiny stamped images.  I could have done them on white and coloured the images but using kraft helps one get away with an outline image and cuts down on wasted time.

Card Sacks

I do print sentiments on the inside of my cards – well, I print them on white cardstock and adhere them to the inside of the card – so I added a slip of paper to the back of the packaging indicating the verses on each card:

card sack verses

(the slip of paper is adhered with some ATG tape – it’s kind of like a tag on the back of your shirt and it looks quite cute IRL)

So, that’s it for my Labour Day labours…I’m hoping to have a little more crafting time this weekend.  I’ve been on quite the roll lately.