I make a gift set every year to sell as “teacher gifts” at work.  I don’t sell a lot (maybe a dozen) but it’s a great excuse to make something other than a card. 

This year’s gift is very similar to the one I made last year but I altered wooden tote boxes from Michael’s instead of making coaster boxes.   I still think coaster boxes are cute but they can be a little flimsy if the bottom is not glues perfectly (which I find tricky to do) and these wooden ones are very durable.

I made 12 different ones – every one used different colours/patterns.  I think the non-traditional pink, black and grey was the most striking so that’s the one I’ll share today.  The penguin from Hero Arts was a big hit and the ones I made featuring a penguin ornament sold out right away:

Cute, huh?

I’m working on some personalized ornaments at the moment.  I wouldn’t normally sell them as they are a bit too fiddly to make (it’s too easy to ruin the ornament) but I had a special request and was eager to see if I could rise to the challenge (I did!).  I’ll share that tomorrow and might even do a little tutorial if I get all my “chores” done.

Enjoy the rest of your evening!