ETA: Sheena asked a great question – I probably should have mentioned what I used to make the ornaments!  I cut 2 gingerbread men from chipboard (I use the cardboard on the back of notepads but any cardboard about that thickness would work fine with this die) and I cut one gingerbread man from patterned paper (Simple Stories).  To give the ornament a nice finish, I did a 4th diecut with “Naturals Ivory” Stampin’ Up cardstock which was used as the back layer.   The heart embellishment was made using 3 heart shapes (I used my Cricut) glued together.  All layers were glued using Tombow Mono Multi glue.

I made some gingerbread ornaments for my aunt last year (and she was the only recipient – it was an exclusive gift for 2011!) and decided to make more this year in a simplified package (last year’s had a matching gingerbread house).

So far I’ve made 4 “boy” figures and 4 “girl” figures (girls have hearts, boys have bows)  I packaged one of each in a clear bag and made a little cardstock holder at the bottom so the ornaments are kept separated in the bag.  I also made coordinating tags and tied them to the top of each package. 

Here’s what the ornaments look like:


 …and here’s the packaging (I left the tag off the one in the front so you can see it a little better.  I packaged them so two of the bags have a “girl” in the front and 2 have a “boy” in the front):

 I now have to clean up some of the glitter that is covering my craft room before I move on to my next project.

I’m hoping to spend pretty much ALL of tomorrow in my craft room to make up for last weekend (incidentally, the trip to Ottawa was good – it was nice to see my brother and my sister-in-law.  I did get some sinus thing that I’m not quite over – presumably a gift from Porter Airlines!) so I should have a few projects to share with you in the days to come.