My friend Karen and I got together (again!) to make some coaster calendars for 2009.  We did hit a snag when we learned that the o-wires Karen has are too big for the project.  We decided to use hinges as an alternative but there were none to be found in our thriving metropolis. (pop. 106,000 – more if you count the “greater metropolitan area”)  I might have 4 hinges in my entire stash of craft goodies.  Not really enough to mass produce 2009 calendars.

After some thought, I decided to try my coil binding machine (Rubicoil) as the method of joining the two coasters together.  A tricky proposition as 1.  The machine can’t just punch a section of the coaster – it has to punch a complete row and 2. coil bound items are bound on a slight angle so there was some concern that the calendars would not be able to sit “open” on a desk.

Cropadile to the rescue!  I punched a template from my Rubicoil and used my cropadile to manually punch the required number of holes in my coasters.  A bit time consuming but the punch allows me to use two coasters at a time so it’s only about a minute per calendar.  The calendar is not quite as even as it would be if we’d used hinges or the bind it all but it does stand on its own and I think it’s cute. (Karen was not a fan…she is still searching for hinges to complete her calendars)  Here is my prototype calendar:

As you can see in the picture, one side (the right) is slightly higher than the left.  It does not significantly impact the ability of the calendar to remain open on a desk so I will continue to make them this way until I have some small o-wires in my possession.  (can’t buy them locally so don’t hold your breath!)

On to the details of my calendar:

This specific model was made simply to test the ability to use my plastic coils to bind the coasters.  I was in a bit of a hurry to throw together the prototype as I wanted to show Karen (via email) what I came up with.  I already had a stamped and coloured image in my scrap pile (a tiny basket I keep on my desk.  You’d be amazed at how much you can toss in there before you have to clean it out!).  Because it was a golf stamp I decided to use the sheet of grass patterened paper I knew was in my stash. (finally)  The golf club handle (I’m sure there’s a technical name for that…grip, maybe?) was already coloured a dark red so I used some retired “Cranberry Crisp” cardstock (I have tons of it!) to mat everything on the calendar.

The year was created by dusting off my rarely used Sizzlet dies and running them through my Cuttlebug. (just throwing the brand names around today!)  I originally tried using my Quickie Glue pen but learned that it doesn’t stick as well as a Zig pen so I switched back to Zig (I didn’t have the smaller QGP when I last used the tiny sizzlet dies and was excited to use it because the Zig pen can be messy but it didn’t work out. )  The calendar template was cut out and attached to a cranberry mat using two brads (so you can tear the pages off when a new month starts).  I used dimensionals to raise the calendar and the stamped image off of the coasters.  I haven’t decorated the front cover yet but I think I will die cut letters to spell “Fore You” on the front.

Supplies used: Stampendous stamp, calendar template, Nestabilities scallop die, dye inks and water pen, MM brads, PP (can’t recall the brand), cranberry crisp cardstock, Cropadile, plastic coil, dimensionals, Cuttlebug, Sizzlet dies, glue stick, Zig Two Way glue.