chirstmas post its

Over the weekend I made a batch of Post-It Note holders (and I can say that because I used the good stuff – honest to goodness 3M Post Its.  No cheaping out here, folks!)

I had to fiddle with the dimensions a bit and had some trouble as the pens would no longer stay in their holder (requiring a “wedge” of cardstock to be retrofitted to the design) but my post its were too thick to fit in the original dims that pretty much any tutorial on these things uses.

I kept the rest of the project simple by using some stickers and only one paper pattern on each holder.  Here are some of the designs:

post its 1


post its 2

I packaged them simply too…a resealable bag from Dollarama (they used to be slightly larger which I liked but the smaller version works if you take your time putting the holder in the bag).  NOTE:  I am not a photographer and won’t spend 45 minutes getting a good shot of something that’s packaged in plastic:

post its package

The top of the bag has a strip of washi tape to give it a little Christmas flair.

There are loads of tutorials on these – this is not my own design except for the tweaks to get my post it notes to fit properly.  Make sure you make the first one with scrap card stock – I ruined a sheet of the good stuff making these!