While moving from my old craft room to my new one (which I’m still doing) I “discovered” a package of cardstock that I received at no charge.  It’s from the bold brights family of colours at Stampin’ Up – a family of colours I don’t actually use.  Well, I do use one colour from that family – real red – mostly at Christmas time.  Anyway, I discovered this package of lovely lilac (barf!) and decided to try to use some on a few projects.

As I’m currently making Valentine’s, it’s not really that hard to incorporate a shade of purple that is akin to a sweet tart candy.  I also found a sheet of Valentine’s paper that has a similar colour in it so the only thing left to do was pick a layout.

Surprisingly, it took me ages to come up with a card just because I was using a different colour.  I finally found a layout used by sf9erfan on SCS and here’s what I came up with:

At first, I discounted this layout as I thought it would be too time consuming running all those dies through my Cuttlebug.  However, by actually taking a moment to think about it I realized I could cut three shapes at a time because they were all different sizes so I didn’t need to re-use the same die over and over. (this is not rocket science but I make less complex cards generally so these shortcuts are not second nature to me).

I wasn’t completely happy with the card when it was finished so I spritzed a little purple ink on the white patterned paper to remove some of the emptiness.  I still think it’s missing something (ribbon?) but I’m going to leave well enough alone – besides, I’m not sure I have anything that will go with the lilac paper.

Hopefully back tomorrow with something else to share.