One of the best things about making cards is that you can customize them just about ANY way you want.  When I first started making cards I didn’t use any stamps at all and relied on handmade embellishments to create my greeting cards.

I was in need of a very special card today and am glad I had my old skills to fall back on because – oddly enough – I simply did NOT have a stamp that was right for the occasion.  I think it’s self-explanatory so I’ll just show you the card:

NOTE:  I have no idea why my ribbon looks red in this picture…it’s more of a plum colour in real life and matches the bow tie accents much more closely than it would appear!  In fact, I used red on the bow ties on my first try but couldn’t find any wide ribbon that was red enough in my stash!

October Afternoon Thrift Shop is my go to paper for weddings this year.  It’s got a little bit of everything and is elegant yet fun.

A few details:

I cut out 2 black hearts and two white hearts, snipped the black ones about 2/3rd of the way down the centre and scored each side to make lapels.  I then glued them to the white hearts and added a couple of pearls for buttons, bow ties (with heart centres), a black brad for the button on the tux and I squished up a few little prima flowers to make boutonnières.  They turned out quite cute!  I used dimensionals on the rectangle and on each heart so there’s some depth in real life.

I nixed sewing on the card as I still want it to look masculine but wedding-ish.  In retrospect I wish I’d done the stitching but it’s too late now!  In any case, I’m sure the grooms will enjoy their card.  It’s been my experience that my husband and husband cards go over quite well.  You can’t go wrong with a personal touch on a wedding day.