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I debated whether to even post this on my blog but it is MY blog so I’m going to go ahead.

Before this past week, I would have said that Sympathy cards were the most difficult to make.  This week I learned that Thank You cards can be equally difficult as I’ve just spent the afternoon making thank you cards for some family and friends to thank them for their kindness over the past week.

My mother passed away last Friday.   She’s had dementia for several years and spent the last year of her life in a long term care facility as it was no longer possible for her to remain at home.  She had been slowly deteriorating and we knew that this day would come.  I’d hoped she would pass quietly in her sleep but she became ill last Thursday and passed on Friday.

I won’t go into all the details of what I’ve gone through emotionally this past week with planning her funeral etc. but I did sit down and make some thank you cards that I hope she would have been pleased with (she would have – she loved my cards and kept every one I’d ever made for her).  I was going to do the background in pink because it was her favourite colour but it was just too bright so I used her second favourite colour – blue.

sympathy thank you

I love you Mom.  To quote what you always said to me after every visit, “I’m so glad we had this time together.”