It’s hard to have a dinomite day on a Monday but, looking on the bright side, it’s almost over so I’m finished with Monday for the rest of the week!

I coloured this image yesterday and decided to turn it into a card tonight rather than let it sit with the other images that never made it to card-dom.

I really need to make a special birthday card this week but inspiration has not struck.  Today’s card is a birthday card but it’s not what I’m looking for in the “special” department.  This one is more suited to a child.  I think the special card is going to feature a cupcake.

Here’s what happened tonight:

I think the picture came out a little yellow but I wouldn’t expect less from a bad photographer taking a shot of a yellow and orange card.  I used some K&Co Berry Sweet PP and a cute dinosaur image I bought in the UK last year.  It’s the first time the stamp has seen ink.  It came with some very British sentiments (I could have changed dinomite to dinomate if I wanted to!  Maybe I’ll make a card for my husband using the mate sentiment someday.)

I really had trouble with placement of the sentiment.  I think my image is a little too large for the size of the card.  It didn’t leave much space for the tag I made.  As a last resort I cut off the right hand side of the sentiment rather than continuing the ribbon on both sides of the tag. (I only had one button like this or I would have done both sides the same.)

The image was coloured with reinkers and markers.  I’m very into hybrid colouring lately.  I’ll mix markers, reinkers, and colouring pencils if the mood strikes.  It makes it easier to shade the image if I can switch out mediums to get the effect I’m going for.

I’ll have to give it another go tomorrow night.  Definitely trying a cupcake.