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Traditionally, my work “coffee buddy” and I go shopping on our lunch break every Friday.  It has to be somewhere close to work so we can get there, shop, and get back to the office in time.

Our options have been limited since our office relocated about 4 years ago (we used to be downtown so there was a LOT of choice for browsing) but the area is gradually building up and there are a half-dozen good choices for a lunch-time shopping spree.

Yesterday, we went to the Great Canadian Dollar Store (and Piper’s Department Store which is next door – just “Piper’s” or the “boutique” to locals) and spent just under $10 tax-in on some craft items.

In addition to some small doilies, index cards (for studying), and some small self-closing clear bags, I found these:

gcds finds

Sorry for the glare!  On the left, we have a 5-pack of lined notebooks (all 5 are the same pattern) for $1.50 CAD and on the right, some cute foil stickers (I bought a Christmas version of these last year) for $1.25.

It only took me about 15 minutes this morning to cut up some patterned paper, score it and cover the notebooks. (would have been faster if I didn’t have to work out the score marks first!) and another 5 minutes to punch out some cardstock and make the embellishments.  Here’s the end result:

gcds notebooks

These are to go in the special Halloween treat bags I do up for the smaller children on the street.  I debated a washi tape spine but all my washi tape is a bit too narrow for the proper effect. (note to self – buy some wide washi!)

I still have a few items to alter/create for the treat bags and I probably should get started so I can pack away all my Halloween supplies…(yes, I’ve said that before!)

Enjoy your Saturday – I still have some “craft time” left for myself today and I’m anxious to clue up some UFOs (unfinished objects)!