I was going to post my backlog of cards in the order that they were made but Halloween is almost upon us so this spooky treat is a more timely choice.

Today’s card is a 3X3 square which is fairly tiny in size.  It’s great for bringing out creativity if you are feeling “card-makers block” as there is so little space to work with it’s very easy to create the layout.  I made the envelope out of some old Halloween paper I got in a slab about 5 years ago when I first started making cards (at least, I think it was about 5 years ago that I started doing this.)  Older paper gets on my nerves as it becomes outdated so quickly.  I only learned that lesson about a year ago and am much more selective when buying paper now.  I still buy some slabs but don’t feel the need to snap up everything that hits the shelves.

I also made a little notebook with a matching pen as my friend Karen (of Karen’s Kreations) was visiting and she had never made a beaded pen.  I happily gathered all the necessary items to make a pen and a notepad so I could share the technique with her as they are really fun to make.  I sent her home with some microbeads too so I’m hoping to see some pens on her log soon.

This set is a gift for a friend who LOVES Halloween beyond the point of reason.  I think she likes it more than Christmas!  We haven’t seen each other so much in the last year or so but recently started spending some time together.  She also likes tiny things so I’m thinking the pen will garner a squeal or two of delight.  

I do have another Halloween project going but I won’t be able to publish it until the 31st – don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Supplies used: M’s $1 stamps, Slab paper (ancient!), Rubicoil and plastic coils, microbeads, mini gel pen from Staples, O’ So Sticky tape, notepad, white cardstock, Cuttlebug and embossing folder, black ink, punches, orange and purple cardstock, plastic spider, glue dots, M’s ribbon.