Well, that was a longer break than I anticipated.

I made this card last Friday night…about 12 hours before I damaged a disc in my back.  Stupid back!  I was laid up pretty much the whole week and still have to be careful about lifting/bending, etc.  Missed work for a few days too – which is not that cool so early in the year.  I carefully ration my few days of sick leave for true emergencies (which this was but it still bites).

Anyway, enough of my troubles, let’s move on to the card…

This is for my brother’s birthday…which is in a few days and this card is not going to make it to the middle of Canada in time for his big day but I’m sure he won’t mind.  His gift will be a few days late too – probably.  I only ordered it today but he doesn’t live in the middle of nowhere (Oshawa?! – j/k – bit of a Canadian joke at the moment) so he might get it in time.

I used Echo Park paper (I think!) and a cute Whipper Snapper stamp that is probably one of my favourites simply because I love elephants.  I do find it a bit daunting to colour with such a large area but it’s a fabulous stamp.

I have another card to share tomorrow – I made it this morning by client request.  Check back.  Hopefully, I won’t damage any major body parts between now and tomorrow!