I’m going to drop my banners for the time being to make it faster to edit photos and blog about them.

My Aunt (the one I discuss at least twice a year on the old blog-a-roo) had a birthday last month but my kitchen was torn out so I couldn’t baker her traditional date and walnut loaves.  As I now have a fully functional (but still incomplete) kitchen, that was the first order of business this morning.

I don’t have pictures of the loaves (which are cooling on my sexy new granite counter as I type this) but I do have a picture of the birthday card I made this morning:

elegant birthday wishes

The white card is adhered to a transparency so there is a little bit of glare in the picture.  I used my Simon Says Stamp card kit from last month for this card.  Wish I had more time to play with my card-making supplies but I am still making lots of things – they’re just not papercrafts right now.

Time to go pull a zillion staples out of some kitchen chair cushions…at least it’s a rainy day so it’s a good time to be productive while indoors!