zippy border

Soooo…I dropped by Target on my lunch break yesterday and saw those little plastic bead kits in the dollar spot.  I’d seen a few articles on making your own enamel dots and decided to buy a kit to see if I could make 225 enamel dots for a mere $1.13 (HST)

One sheet of parchment paper and a super-stinky kitchen later and it was a fail.  Only the white beads (of which there were very few) melted properly.  All the other beads still had a small hole in the middle so they were more like doughnuts (donuts – I am bilingual!).

Yes, I know the stink in my kitchen comes from toxic plastic fumes and that my oven is now a ticking toxic time bomb.  Sadly, it’s still too cold here in St. John’s to leave a window open so I’ll probably wake up one morning with a 6th finger on my left hand or a third ear growing out of my cheek.  It will just make me that much more interesting.  Plus I have cute fingers and ears so it’s no big deal.

I’m sure the experiment would have worked better using a brand of bead noted in those blog posts but I don’t need a container of 22,000 plastic beads added to the inventory of my well-stocked craft room.

Moving on, today’s card used patterned paper scraps.  I’m not that thrilled with the layout but a circle of patterned paper from one of the cards I made in yesterday’s post was my jumping off point.  “Real” enamel dots were used on this card:

zippy dad

It’s a shame my homemade dots didn’t pan out…imagine the fun I’d have loading my cards with as many dots as I’d like!