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It’s been a busy weekend.  I was hoping to get EVERYTHING on my list done but that was pure fantasy.  I had 21 ornaments to make this weekend as well as some notebooks plus some prep work on some ornaments I need to make next weekend.

I did get 16 glass ornaments completed and 5 gingerbread ornaments mostly made (still need to personalize and package them) but I didn’t get anything else on my craft list completed (other weekend tasks included 3 loads of laundry, a trip to Costco, a visit to the new Target – we just got one here, plus we made lemon crumbles and muffins for our lunches this week so it was definitely productive)

I could probably have knocked off a few more craft projects if I didn’t decide to fiddle around with packaging for my glass ornaments…here’s what I came up with:

christmas ornaments 2013 packaged

…and here’s the group (excuse the shot – my worktop is black):


I just need to get these all to their new homes so I can make some space to work on the next batch.

So, how was your weekend?