…and THEN you colour your image!

I know this is the most sensible way to create a card but sometimes (for example, when a new order of stamps arrives) you just want to colour a picture and worry about making the card afterwards.

That’s what happened to me yesterday.  I was so anxious to colour one of my new WS stamps that I didn’t really think about what paper I was going to use.  Once I found a pad with the right shade of green (Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety) it was too late to change some of the colour choices I’d made earlier.

Here’s the card:

The fact that everything doesn’t match is not a huge deal to me – I think the card is still cute – but cards look so much nicer if everything coordinates.

To illustrate my point (and to give me an excuse to colour this image again right away…) I decided to make a second card using the same paper (slightly different layout) and this time I paid attention to the colours in the paper (bear in mind that I don’t have a lot of copic markers yet so I can’t choose from 20 shades of green, etc.)

Here’s what I came up with:

Admittedly, I didn’t bother sewing all over this card as I’d already done loads of sewing on the first card and was having some thread issues but I think you can see that the image goes MUCH better now that I’ve paid attention to the colours in the paper.

Check back tomorrow because I’ve got another (non-Father’s Day card) project to show you…