To anyone who reads my blog (plus my husband) it is obvious that the last thing in the world that I need is another stamp or another sheet of patterned paper.  In fact, that’s the main reason I just moved to a new room in the house – the old craft room just could not handle the sheer abundance of crafting paraphernalia I own.

Luckily for my craft room – and my wallet – I could not purchase a stamp set that I wanted from PTI because it was out of stock.   That might not sound like a big savings on money or space but you need to understand that I think PTI’s shipping is very high so I was placing an order that made the shipping cost “worth my while”.  This translates to “I was going to buy over $150.00 USD worth of stuff”.

Anyway,  I had my heart set on that stamp set and decided I’d wait until it was back in stock to place an order. 

During my cooling off period, I realized I could probably replicate some of the components of the set.  The first example of my innovation is the “Love is in the Air” card I made over a week ago.   Exibit B of my gosh-darn cleverness is today’s card.  Have a look:

It’s a bit of an unusual Valentine’s combo – pink and grey – but I think it works. 

I tried a different embellishment on this card (don’t know if you’ve clued in to my style – simple card with one semi-complex embellishment) by making a miniature version of the pom pom flowers I’ve seen on Dawn McVey’s site.  I don’t know how well this guy will fit in an envelope but we’ll see.

The sentiment is computer generated and the boat is from SU’s Putt-Putt set.  I think I mentioned this in my other post but, in case I didn’t, this is a great way to use some of the smaller images from my neglected collection of stamps.  I rarely ink up the small stamps any more so any reason to get a little more mileage out of them is great.

Dare I say I’ll be back tomorrow with another Valentine card?