papercraft display banner

This is going to be the strangest thing to say considering my geographic location but it’s simply been too HOT to do any paper crafting lately.

The temperatures have been really warm for St. Johns over the last couple of weeks (25 to 29 C – which is only about 77 to 85 F but it’s way too warm for what I’m used to).   It doesn’t help that it’s really humid here which makes it quite uncomfortable.  Most homes – including mine – don’t have air conditioning either (though a lot of newer homes are getting heat pumps installed and I understand they can be used to cool the house as well as heat it) and my car doesn’t so that’s not a pleasant drive home some days.

However, yesterday the temperatures cooled down a bit so I got some housework done and managed to spend a little time in my craft room tidying up and making a couple of cards.  I also got my foam board display finished off – I made the display when I took a week’s holidays a couple of weeks ago but still had to make the banner.

I had to cut out my “handmade by kellybee” lettering (using my silhouette which I still haven’t mastered – I find the mat too sticky so everything comes out curled up which tries my patience!) and I was initially going to use the same bee as my logo but the bee is a bit too intricate – until I have more success with the silhouette I won’t be cutting anything too delicate. (and I have removed a lot of the sticky from the mat – give me more time and I’ll be sharing cut files etc. if I ever get the hang of it – LOTS of ideas!)

Instead of my bee logo, I used a free Paper Smooches digi stamp to decorate my display.  Once I added the lettering and bees to the display,  I filled it with some projects I’ve made over the last few weeks:

papercraft display

I don’t sell my stuff at craft fairs (though, if I did, I’d definitely be making more displays for the table!) but I do sell a few things at work and wanted to make the display more for “seasonal” offerings like Christmas and Valentine’s Day – it’s mainly for tags, ornaments, and notepad/pen sets.  While it’s not really for cards (my cards are generally “made to order”) I did make sure the measurements were appropriate to display cards if I want to – and I placed some cards in it to show you that they do fit nicely – this also demonstrates that my foam shelves are not the most level.  I might add a few shims later to level things out but it’s not bad for a first attempt.

This display will be placed on my desk at work and will (hopefully!) draw attention to any new “products” I have to offer and remind my coworkers that I’m a source for little gift ideas.

I don’t have measurements or instructions for the display (though I can tell you the shelves are 15″ wide and 2″ deep and I used about 1.5 sheets of foam core board that I purchased at Dollarama – they were either $1.25 or $1.50 each – I forget!).  I just  sat down one day and gave this project a go.  If I make one in the future, I’ll try to be more diligent about documenting the process.