Well, thank goodness for my DT projects because that was the only reason I was “allowed” to do any crafting this week.  Just a few more days until the party and I can go back to my usual routine.  On the plus side, our yard (to call it a garden would imply that flowers are present) is looking quite decent and I know it’s going to be a fun day.  The weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday too so that’s a plus!

Today I’ve got a card plus a little gift ensemble suitable for a young man (okay, a boy) to share with you.  First the card:

Some quick details – I used MME L’il Robots paper and Alfy from the Tinheart Family line of stamps at PWCO.  A little stitching, a mat, and a ribbon/button embellishment and I’m good to go.

I forgot to mention on the PWCO blog a little tip that I’ll share with you today.  I wanted red accents on my robot due to my limited copic collection (just ordered 3 yellow and 1 green) so I coloured the orange dots on the PP with a red copic to tone down the colour I didn’t want and accent the one I did want. (you’ll be able to see the orange dots in a minute…)  It’s a quick way to customize your paper to the colours you want to use.  I’m always amazed that I have a zillion sheets of paper but never seem to have the right shade of green or yellow, etc. that I am looking for.

Let’s move on to the gift ensemble:

A quick 2-4-6-8 box, an altered puzzle, a handmade notebook and a gel pen – a perfect gift that costs well under $5 to make.   Here’s a slightly closer shot of the contents of the gift box:

I hope you like it.  I’ve got something else cooked up to show you but probably won’t get the pictures edited and the post written until the weekend.  Oh, I almost forgot – I took a picture of the inside (I don’t normally bother as I finish all my cards the same way):

See ya later!