I made these little gifts last weekend after I saw a folder with a cider packet (or hot chocolate – you know the ones I’m talking about – there’s a stir stick or a treat tied to the side of the folder and the pouch of drink mix goes in the pocket of the folder) in the SCS gallery.  It made me think that these folders would be a great way to package a notepad and pen (or pencil).

I was right!  Here’s a shot of one of the notepads (I didn’t embellish it as the outside of the folder is embellished and it would have made the notepad a little bulkier meaning I’d need an even bigger folder) along with the folder and the pencil:

And here’s what it looks like “closed”:

I made a second set with only tiny changes:

…and then I packaged them up and made tags to finish off the set:

Here’s a close up of a tag:

My folder is a little different than the drink folders beause notepads are bigger and thicker than pouches of powder so I had to make myself a template for the project.

I added a strip at the bottom of my folder so my folder was more box-like to accomodate the notepad.

If you want to give it a try, I used 4×5.5″ notepads from Dollarama (the ones I usually use for short notepads) and my cardstock was cut at 9.5 x 6.25″.  I then scored just under 4 9/16″ in from each long  side leaving just under 3/8″ for the spine. (sorry, measurements are not exact…you have to tweak a little to fit your notepad)  I then scored at just over 5.5″ along the long side and again roughly 3/8″ from that score.  I cut out a diagonal section of the front of the folder so the notepad could be seen when the folder is closed. 

Here’s a rough template (first time I’ve done this so apologies for the simplicity) – if you look at the template and then at the measurements above you might understand the instructions.  Dashed lines are scores.  I shaded the area at the bottom that you have to cut off:


Once you’re done with cutting and scoring, fold the scores and place the notebook inside the folder to see where you should punch a couple of holes with a hole punch or cropadile.  The holes should be just past the edge of the notepad.  I believe mine are just under a half inch from the edge.  Now put a little score tape on the botton tab, fold in in and adhere it to the other side of the folder to create your box.  You don’t need an end flap because the ribbon will keep the folder tied and hold the notepad inside. 

To make my pencil the right size for the folder, I sharpened it 5 times (broke the lead off 4 times after sharpening).  Previously, I’ve had my husband saw them for me but it damages the ends a little so I prefer to sharpen.  When you have the right length of pencil, insert the ribbon (12 – 14″) through the bottom hole of the folder all the way through both bottom holes of the folder leaving a tail of about 4″ or so in the front for tying.  Then bring the ribbon around to the front of the folder (not through any holes) and thread through both top holes  all the way through to the back of the folder.  This creates a loop to insert the pencil in.  Place the pencil in the loop then bring the back tail of ribbon around to the front again (not through any holes – just around the right side of the folder) and tie into a bow.

Voilà!   A cute folder with a notepad and pencil (or pen).  I’m definitely going to be making some Christmas versions of this once Halloween is over.  They’d make great gifts.