Tonight was VERY productive.  I finished off 4 sets of notepads/pens and even managed to make tags and get them all packaged up and ready for “whatever”.  I don’t know if I’ll save them for gifts or sell them.  Tough call.  On the one hand I could use the spare cash as I have to make some budget adjustments (more on that later…still finalizing a few things) and on the other I’m visiting one of our branches at work in a couple of weeks and want to make something for my peeps on the mainland – in fact, that’s what these were orginally designed for.

I made 4 different notepads using the same stamp (well, part of a stamp – I cut it in two separate pieces to get more use out of it) and assorted papers/colours.  They’re fairly easy to mass produce as long as you do one stage at a time – for example, when I did the stitching I just ran a piece of pre-cut cardstock through my sewing machine, pulled a little extra thread and did the next piece without cutting the thread – I just kept going until I had all 4 done and I snipped the threads afterwards…it does save time.

Wanna see?

Once I finished the pads and pens I made some matching tags and packaged ’em up in cello bags with a little hand-dyed wrinkle ribbon.

I actually made these over 3 days.  On day 1 I cut the pieces of cardstock and paper, scored the cardstock, sewed the CS strips and adhered it all together.  On night 2 I stamped and coloured my images, stamped the flower pot again on patterned paper, cut out the patterned paper and glued it to the image.  I still had an ounce of energy so I beaded the pens that night too.  Tonight (day 3 if you’re still counting) I die cut the images and mats, made the tags and packaged everything up. 

I need to get to the store for more notepads.  I am trying to live without the long skinny notepads I usually make (the Michelle Wooderson style ones) but I can’t decide if these are just as cute.  They use a little more patterned paper but aren’t quite as fiddly to work with.  They’re also wider so I can use a lot more stamps with these than I can with the skinny notepads…decisions, decisions.