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Yesterday was a busy day for me.   I spent the morning baking things that I could individually package and freeze so we’d have something healthy and more filling than store-bought snacks to put in our lunches.   The items that needed to be used up dictated the recipes I chose – strawberry-banana loaf (I made two – one for eating and one for freezing), morning glory muffins (tweaked to be more healthy by using whole wheat flour, egg whites, applesauce instead of oil and nixing the coconut because I’m allergic and the pineapple because I think it’s gross in muffins!), and then, just because we like them so much, I made a pan of chocolate zucchini brownies. (which are “kind of” healthy but not for someone on a diet!)

There was lots of dish-washing and kitchen tidying between batches of baked goods as well as a load of laundry and some towel folding (I don’t think there’s a single bath towel left in my linen tower at the moment).

Once I finished the baking marathon, I took a little break and made a card for our niece’s birthday – it’s going to get there a little late but she’ll have her gift on time so I’m sure we’ll be forgiven.

Here’s the card:

girl power

I’m trying to use some of the ZILLIONS of 6X6 patterned papers I own.  I am so addicted to buying it and my card-making style is straying away from using lots of patterned paper so I made a supreme effort to use LOTS of it on this card.  Incidentally, I did notice when cutting the floral paper that I placed the die in the wrong direction so my flowers are sideways.  It took me about half a second to get over it and use it anyway.  Not sure if our niece will see it since there are so many pink rhinestones on the card!

We’re working on making our pantry a little more useable this week (adding an extra shelf and painting the pantry) so my crafty time is going to be limited.  We were supposed to do this project over Christmas but never got to it and my baking marathon today reminded me of how desperately we need to get that closet organized.  Not sure if I’ll share a before and after because I’m too ashamed of the state of the pantry!!!

Hopefully, I’ll be back later this week.