Today I’m sharing my 2012 Halloween office treat for my co-workers.   I usually buy just a little something and then decorate it so it’s a little bit more exciting than simply handing them the candy I bought.  With 18 treats to buy, I have to go with something budget friendly.

This year I found some Halloween coloured jellybeans.  I know it’s not much but it’s the thought that counts.  They’re small enough that I can make 18 of the same item without spending a fortune on cardstock and paper and the size of the treat helps the project get done before I’m tired of making them. (there have been complicated projects in the past that made me almost ill with the thought of whipping up 18 of the same thing!)

I used some kraft cardstock, Echo Park Halloween paper (though you can barely see it in the project – bit of a miscalculation on my part), some baker’s twine, green textured cardstock and an Anna Wight Whipper Snapper image and sentiment from one of my design team stints.

The pumpkin was actually coloured and cut out of white cardstock, then glued to the front of the green cardstock.  This was the most time-consuming part of the project.  I coloured and cut out 6 images each night for 3 nights to get my 18 pumpkins. (I don’t have the attention span to do all 18 at once).

The cardstock is about 8 inches long and 3 inches wide.  I scored it so I could make a little accordian fold in the centre for enough room for the jelly beans and so the treat could stand up on its own.  Here’s a side view:

The green panel is popped up on dimensionals and some baker’s twine is wrapped around the bottom of the patterned paper and tied in a bow.  I used my ATG gun to close the back of the treat holders.

Before I go, you might have noticed the title of this post is Halloween Inspiration Station.  I have a white organizer on my countertop that I keep seasonal items in – I just swap it out and put away the previous supplies for each “season” (e.g. Valentine’s, Easter, Summer, Halloween, Christmas).  Sometimes when I’m “in between” seasons I just fill it with my newer stuff that I want to play with.

I just switched over to Halloween last week and here’s what the organizer looks like:

All my paper, stickers, rhinestones, etc are in the organizer and the few Halloween stamps I own are in the little basket along with some spools of Halloween themed ribbon.  Loose ribbon is held on the side of the organizer with a clothespin.  You might notice the large paper pad is upside down – this is because smaller pieces of paper from this pad are tucked inside to be used up first and if I put the pad in the right way up the smaller pieces fall out and I never use them.

Once I’m done with Halloween, I’ll put all the smaller items in labelled photo boxes and store them in my craft closet.  The paper just goes in a stack on a closet shelf.  Then the Christmas stuff comes out – I have way too much of that to fit in the organizer so I put the most used stuff in there and keep the photo boxes of ribbon and embellishments on the floor next to my crafting area.