As it’s still not quite October (I’m ahead of schedule for a change this year – hope it lasts during my Christmas card making sessions!) I can’t say for certain this is my last Halloween post but I’m itching to put away the ghosts and pumpkins and whip out the snowmen and santas.

Last week I went browsing through Winners (Canadian version of Marshall’s) and found a package of Bazzil Halloween themed patterned paper.  I didn’t even know Bazzil made paper – they do fabulous textured cardstock though – it’s what I used when I first started papercrafting.

Anyway, the paper was $10 for 48 sheets and the patterns were so cute I couldn’t resist buying the darn thing.  I need to join a support group for my patterned paper habit.  I mostly buy 6×6 paper so I was trying to think of things I could make using a larger piece of paper when I realized I could make my new notebook folders using this paper as it’s quite stiff.

I don’t really need to make more Halloween treats but decided I’d make folders/notebooks for all the children on the street that I actually know (we don’t have kids so I only know the children of the neighbours that I’m particularly friendly with).

Out came the paper cutter and scoring board – plus a lot of other crafting tools and before you know it I had this on my work top:

Once all the components were pulled together, it didn’t take long to get to this point:


I tried to design the treats around the ages of the children – two of them are a bit too old for Halloween (the oldest is a 16-yr old girl – she gets the skull-themed set).  Three of the children are 3 so I bought some twistable crayons (Playskool brand) and used those instead of pencils.  I’m not sure what age pencils are okay to give but I didn’t want to give something potentially dangerous to the younger children so I erred on the side of caution.  I had exactly 9 and then I ate 3 6 bags of jellybeans left from a previous project so I put a bag with each notebook  set. 

Here’s a better shot of the skull set so you can get an idea of how cute these papers are:

I stuck with a plain green pencil for the oldest recipient.  I think she could use the skull notebook and the pencil in general and it would just look a little funky/cool rather than Halloween-ish…maybe?!

She also got a button embellishment.  I didn’t put them on the others but the 3-year olds have some rhinestones on their folders for a little sparkle.

I just need to make tags – with their names stamped on them for that extra cool factor – and I can put these aside for trick or treat day.