halloween treat banner

I finished off the goodies for the neighbourhood “monsters” that will be ringing the bell on Halloween. (These are just for the children that I know on the street – I don’t give these out to everyone)

I made the notebooks yesterday and decided I’d go ahead and make the other items I planned on giving out.

First up were bottles of bubbles that I got on sale at the end of the summer (especially for this purpose – I only bought 5 even though they were a great price).  I simply added some patterned paper around the middle and punched a circle from the same paper to adhere to the lid:

halloween bubbles

I labelled (or labeled, if you prefer) them just to be safe – don’t want someone to think they can drink this stuff!

Then I stacked Reece’s Pieces in skinny sealable bags and made a topper for each one (the parents will know this candy is from me so it should be fine that it’s not pre-packaged – I got it at Bulk Barn but if I’d realized they were going to come out with the Halloween Smarties again this year (not the same as Smarties in the US – those are Rockets) I’d have bought those instead.  (and they were only 59 cents each at Piper’s yesterday):

halloween candy

I finished the treat bags off with some lollipops and pencils:

halloween pencils

…and I didn’t have any nice Halloween treat bags (I almost bought some at Great Canadian Dollar store yesterday – they had some cute ones) so I made my own gift bags from patterned paper and rope (sorry, the picture is a bit dark – I’m not set up to take a picture of something this large):

halloween bags

So, there you have it.  All set for the “special monsters”…I can’t buy the general treats to hand out until closer to Halloween or I’ll probably eat them!