A co-worker asked me to make him a couple of sketchbooks for his budding artist daughter, Hannah (she’s 3 1/2).  Apparently, she is constantly drawing pictures and he thought it would be nice if she could keep them all in a book instead of just handing him individual sheets of her works of art.

Of course, a gift for a child should be personalized whenever possible (we all know how cool it was to get something with our names on it when we were younger – hell, it’s still cool!) so I made sure her name was featured on both books.

Book number one is the larger of the two so her name is the focal point on this one.  I asked what her favourite colour was and the response was, not suprisingly, “pink”, so here are Hannah’s pink sketchbooks:

The first sketchbook is not quite as blindingly bright as in my post but it is quite um, cheerful.  The patterned paper was from a Rob and Bob slab that I purchased when I first started making cards and it’s great paper when you’re looking for something “young”.  I’ve used it a lot on my projects and it’s probably a bit dated for cards but it’s perfect for journals and giftwrap. (yes, I use my 12X12 paper to wrap smaller gifts – why not?)

I also used my cricut create to do the letters on the first sketchbook.  It was a birthday gift from my husband and it hasn’t seen a lot of action yet but it’s great to have and I’m sure it will be showing up more often on my blog. (there’s a learning curve as to how to incorporate die cuts into my card-making – I used to use them all the time before I discovered stamps but I have to figure out how to use them without reverting to beginner style)

I added glitter to a couple of the letters in Hannah’s name (the “a”s) and popped the first H up on a tag with some ribbon and brads for extra decoration.  (side note:  I find Hannah’s name quite cool as it’s a palindrome – it’s also the name of our car but that’s another story!)  As this is a journal I didn’t want the front to be too bulky so some photo corners and small rhinestones make up the rest of the decoration on this book.

Journal number two actually took longer to make than the bigger one.  I wasn’t sure how to make another pink journal for the same person that didn’t look like the first one.  I decided to pretend it was a card and worry about how to personalize it afterwards.  Luckily, when searching for rub-ons small enough to spell her name (I didn’t have any) I stumbled across some forgotten letters that are meant to be stuck to Making Memories brads.  Perfect!   I paper-pieced the wings of the ladybug to match the glitter-paper background and flocked the flowers (bizarre alliteration) to make them stand out a little as the paper made them blend too much.  A few pieces of coordinating ribbon and the decorations were complete.  I cut as many sheets of paper as my largest plastic coils (16mm) could hold so this is a fairly thick notepad.  I also had some mini ballpoint pens from Staples in my stash that match the journals so I’m throwing those in as well.  Originally, I was going to bead a pen to match the larger journal but the pens are probably going to be lost within the first week so it seemed a bit of a waste.  These little guys are cheap and cheerful which sounds just about perfect to me.

Not bothering with a supply list today…the blah, blah, blah listed most of it.