I don’t have a “Canada Day” themed card to share today (wouldn’t know what to do with one except give it to DH who would then have to keep it out on his desk for way too long because he would feel bad throwing it out) but I do have a Summer-themed card.  So not my usual style except for the simplicity of the layout.  This one SPARKLES! 

I have a slightly amusing/bizarre story on how I inspire myself to make “girlie” cards since I’m not a frilly, sparkly, pink kind of person.  One of my co-workers is all of the forementioned adjectives (actually, she probably hates pink but she likes sweet and sentimental things – my polar opposite!) so I usually pretend I’m making a card for her to give a friend whenever I want to channel sweet and sentimental.  Hey, it works for me!

On to the card and the “recipe”:

The floral rhinestones on the flip flops fit perfectly over the existing flower on the stamp.  Score!  That so rarely happens when I’m making a card.  I’d already coloured the strap on the flip flops when I added the rhinestones and they looked a little dull compared to the flowers so I added some doodlebug glitter for extra pop.

I used some Urban Prairie (does anyone else have trouble typing the word prairie?) paper from Basic Grey (an attempt to use up some of my BG stash…it’s large!) and some ribbon I bought at M’s at Easter.  The colours in the ribbon weren’t exactly right but I needed some contrast.  There were blue flowers on the ribbon and I didn’t want them to show so I wrapped the ribbon around the patterned paper square with no regard to colour and then strategically cut a couple of sections without the blue flowers and glue-dotted (is that a verb?) the smaller ribbon on top of the wrapped portion (tucked the cut ends under the circle).  It give the ribbon a much more substantial look than just laying one strip of ribbon on the card.

My card measures 4.875 X 4.875 so it will fit in my 5″ square envelopes (note to self – ask bro if he wouldn’t mind transporting a box of envies from Toronto next time he visits…I’m almost out!)  The inside of the card is decorated in my standard form – a computer-generated sentiment (I don’t do blank cards) printed on white cardstock cut 1/4″ smaller than the card dimensions.  I then glue a 3/8″ strip of matching PP to the top and bottom of the white cardstock – it uses a few scraps and gives the inside a little extra something.  I’ve seen some amazingly decorated card interiors lately but it’s too much work for me.  It’s all I can do to try to come up with 4-5 cards per week and still enjoy my hobby!

Well, I’ve been extra chatty today but must run as the ‘rents are coming over for a Canada Day BBQ.  Enjoy your d’eh!  (BTW, people don’t usually say “eh” in NL…we use an entirely different language!)