I’m scraping the bottom of the blog post title barrel today. 

Today was an especially sunny day in St. John’s so I was in the mood for a sunny card. (in all honesty, I started it yesterday)  I’m sticking with Whipper Snapper so far this week…it’s just what I’m in the mood to work with.

I used some K&Co paper (it’s gorgeous – you need it!) and Regal Rose Rose Red cardstock.   I also used up a scrap of ribbon that’s been just flapping off the end of the spool – now I’ve got space for another spool of ribbon in my ribbon drawer!

I used my Pixie once again – I will eventually stop announcing that but it’s still shiny and new so I get to talk about it – gotta get my $45 worth – and also broke out some Martha Stewart glitter for a little extra something.  Here’s the card:

I hope you can see some improvement in my photography.  I’m still not very good but this camera has white balance and it’s made a big difference in my opinion.  The card still looks way nicer IRL but I imagine that is the case for many bloggers.  I’m just glad you can see the glitter on the flower!

Enjoy the rest of your evening…I’m off to waste some time playing a computer game!