felt bunny banner

I’ve been making some felt bunnies for Easter and finally got the packaging sorted out (altered a cut file to fit my little hand-stitched bunnies) so now I can share them on my blog.

I don’t have much in the way of 12″x12″ paper so the boxes are using some “old school” patterns but they’re fairly Spring-like if not particularly “on trend”.

bunny boxes

I’m finding that stitching the bunnies is fairly relaxing and it’s something I can do in the t.v. room so I’m with DH and the pups instead of in isolation.  It also keeps the dogs settled as they tend to pace back and forth between whatever rooms DH and I happen to be in.

I made a bunch of different colours…these would make the cutest banner if I shrunk the size down a bit and strung them together.

felt bunnies

Back soon with a simple card.  Bunnies have been using up all my crafting time.