I had a project or two that couldn’t be shared in December as they were gifts for people who (to the best of my knowledge) sometimes read my blog.

One project in particular was a gift for my friend Karen who sometimes spends an afternoon in my craft room.  I don’t have many friends who do any sort of paper crafting so it’s always a treat to spend a few hours with someone who understands the joy of patterned paper and rubber stamps.

This is one of the wooden frame projects I made a little while back.  I used a stamp set I borrowed from Karen and glittered the entire front of the stamped area (idea from Anna Wight) but found that the glitter muted the images too much so I rubbed it off the three stamped areas.  When I gave her the gift (there were additonal, purchased items in the gift bag but I’m only blogging the handmade items) I told her there was a story behind her Christmas card and that she’d have to wait for it to be shared on my blog.  It’s not an exciting story but it’s something that a paper crafter can related to.

Originally, I’d earmarked one of my many gingerbread cards as Karen’s Christmas card but I underestimated the number of cards I needed over the holidays and “borrowed” her card to give to another friend that unexpectedly dropped by.  On Boxing Day, I had a little downtime in the afternoon (plus some new Paper Smooches Christmas stamps) and decided to make her new card using scraps of Christmas paper and the new stamp set since it was the only chance I would have to use it until the 2012 Christmas season.  Here’s the card:

The scraps used on this card were left over from some notepads that I made prior to Christmas.  As the paper was a little bit too narrow for an A2 card, I ransacked my envelope drawer and found a square envelope that was the right size to make a 4.25×4.25″ card.  Sadly, I dropped the inked acrylic block right onto the envelope after I stamped the image onto cardstock.  Here’s what it looked like:


This created a bit of a dilemma.  I don’t make square cards often as the envelopes are hard to come by in Newfoundland (I have to order them online and shipping is prohibitive) so when tragedy struck, some extra creativity was called for.  There was no way I was tossing one of the very few square envelopes I had in this size so I created a panel to cover the ink:

(excuse the holly – it’s hand-drawn and I don’t claim to be an artist!)

So, that’s the story behind Karen’s Christmas card except for one more funny thing that happened.  After she visitied, I went into my craft room to put away the nestabilities she gave me for Christmas (!) and decided to tidy up a little.  While sorting through some cardstock, I found the sentiment I printed and signed that was supposed to be adhered to the inside of her card so her card was actually blank when she opened it!  God love her, she didn’t say a word. (I later read the sentiment out to her over the phone)

I think it will be a long time before I forget the case of the cursed Christmas card!