I’ve been diligently working on my Beagle Paws ornaments for a fundraiser in November – I’m about half-way there.  It’s a lot of work between making the insert, adding the snow, folding boxes, cutting tags and stamping them, etc.  Luckily, I can prep a lot of the elements and do some of the assembly while “watching” tv with DH and the dogs so I don’t feel too isolated during mass production.

In between the fundraiser project assembly, I’ve been making a few Christmas canvases (will share soon – some are currently drying in the workshop and they are all too large for my little photo area so I’ll have to set up something temporary in a lighter room of the house).  I’ve also started making some personalized snowman mugs – which I’m sharing today:

snowman mu

I got the idea from some “sharpie” mugs on Pinterest but I hear people saying that sharpie doesn’t really work so I’m making mine with Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl.

These don’t take that long to make.  The challenge is finding reasonably priced mugs that are white rather than that kind of grey-toned white you find on cheaper ceramics.  I should have bought more of the mug I used today but I wasn’t sure how they’d work out.  Oh well, I’ll just be on the look-out for suitable mugs in my daily travels.

Off to work on some cookie plates…that’s going to be a bit trickier!