Bet I used that blog post title last Easter too…oh well!

Today is more of a house day than a crafting day – so far…

3 of the 6 shelves have been installed in my closet (thanks, R) and the others will be done once we take a break for a late lunch (it’s after 3 pm and we haven’t had lunch yet).  After they’re installed, I will begin the boring and somewhat labour-intensive job of moving all my stuff from my old craft room (upstairs!) down to my new craft room (basement – and opposite corners of the house) and will have to sort through it all before it goes on the shelves (I don’t want to clutter up the shelves with all of my old junk).

I have craft supplies from more than just paper crafts but my paper crafting does take up the bulk of my interest these days so I have to make some decisions on what I can say goodbye to.  It won’t be easy and I’m sure I won’t purge half of what need to go.  Anyway, that should take up the bulk of my evening.

Having said that, I do have a few cards/projects that need to be finished and did get one done so far today (I’m aiming for 2)…It’s just a bit of a revamp of an Easter card I made a couple of weeks ago but I don’t have a lot of Easter stamps (nor do I need a lot) so a repeat is in order:

I love this cute little bunny!  (Whipper Snapper)  I used more K&Co paper and added an oversized embellishment by way of adhering the sentiment to the centre of a large prima flower.  A little sewing was in order (I’m enjoying the sewing but I’m keeping it simple) and I managed to use more retired SU cardstock as the base.  I honestly don’t know the name of the colour – that’s one thing I don’t like about buying the “combo pack” of SU In Colour cardstock – they don’t list the colours.  I’d say it’s from 2 catalogues ago and is probably from the same year as Groovy Guava.

Final touches included glittering the flower and ladybug on the stamped image and covering the “o” in “Hoppy” with a rhinestone.

Back to the task at hand – enjoy the rest of your Saturday!