As mentioned, here is Part 2 of We Know What We Did This Summer – oh, and excuse the splotches on the pictures.  There was some schmutz on my camera lens and I didn’t notice it until I was preparing to post…

Our tv room is in the basement of our house (bungalow).  It’s our favourite room because we designed it ourselves and its bright (especially considering it’s mostly underground), quiet, comfortable and filled with games, books and lots of sturdy, oversized furniture. 

Most of our indoor projects this summer focused on improving this room.  The main projects included…

Refinishing the coffee table to go with the other furniture in our t.v. room – I designed this coffee table myself when I bought my first house and it’s on the 3rd reincarnation (started out as pine, then it was an ugly brown, then it was cherry and now it’s mahogany – personally, I hope this is the last revamp!):

Sanding and painting an old Ikea table I bought at a yard sale about 13 years ago – this table sits behind the sofa in our t.v. room and we drag it out when we need extra seating for larger family get togethers.  We also keep the spare chairs from our dining table here (the table is slightly small in scale and the chairs are huge…):


The best project – we finally, finally, finally installed a wet bar in the t.v. room.  We’d planned for this during the initial renos 3 years ago but all we had in this area was the plumbing sticking out of the wall waiting to be hooked up.  We don’t really drink alcohol but there’s lots of fizzy drinks and flavoured waters in the fridge – plus we keep our Tassimo down here (the Keurig is in the kitchen – we like our coffee!):

So you can get a little perspective on where these items are in the room, here are a couple of other shots:

Excuse the towels on the sofa – I was washing the (more attractive) blanket we keep on the sofa for Jack at the time.  If you look in the background y0u can see the entrance to my craft room (the green room) and on the far right you can just make out the corner of the bar area.

The above picture subtly shows another little project that DH did – he finished the trim on the basement door (you can see the exterior door if you look through the french door – previously you could see studs and insulation around the doorway so it’s nice to have some clean, white trim in there!).

It was a fair bit of work but the time we spent doing these projects was well worth it.