The title of this post is purely about what’s on the card.  I’m not bragging about my memory.  Anyone who works with me can tell you that I will lose a train of thought or a paper from a file faster than you can possibly imagine.  I like to think it’s because I have so much going on in my brain but I’m pretty sure it’s an attention span issue.  Oh well!

My card today was inspired by a little crochet project I did this week.  I’m not actually very good at crochet – I’m self-taught (went to the Y many years ago with a friend but we were both lefties and the instructor was right-handed and it didn’t go very well) and just make things up as I go.  I can’t make anything complex, don’t really know how to properly weave ends and attach things, but I get the job done in my own unique way.

Amigurumi seems to be very popular lately and I have to admit I’ve seen some really cute patterns.  I wanted a break from card-making after doing some valentine’s projects and thought I’d give making one of these animals a try.  Since my favourite animal is the elephant it made sense (at the time!) to start with one of those – plus I had some grey yarn in my stash.

Here’s my interpretation of an elephant (it doesn’t look much like the original):

I didn’t like the trunk on the one I followed the pattern for but I did make it “as written”.  Once it was done I took the stitches out of the trunk and re-engineered it (yes, my elephant has had a nose job!).  I also can’t find safety eyes anywhere in town but haven’t tried the local fabric store (I don’t sew and have no idea what is available at Fabricville…).  Luckily, I had some black beads that were about the right size.

Let’s get back to the card, shall we?

So, I made an elephant-themed card in honour of my nameless crocheted elephant.  It’s not grey simply because I wanted to use some BG Lemonade paper to make the card.  I also used a layout similar to a card I found on Amy Rohl’s website. (hers is much more detailed and it’s oriented differently, etc.)

Cute?!  I distressed the papers and did a lot of DTP with some Ranger ink.  I just realized that I hardly ever distress my cards anymore – which is odd because it’s my favourite technique.

I triple punched a flower shape out of paper and crumpled the shapes before threading them on a brad.  It’s also odd that I did that because I have a kazillion prima flowers in my craft room.  I should make using them up my next challenge (’cause I’m rocking the “use basic grey paper” challenge).

Must go grab a shower…DH is willing to browse Chapters tonight!