…for another Christmas card?

I’ve got two more to share today (and that’s all I’ve got at the moment…hoping to get back at it tonight!).

I purchased some High Hopes stamps last year but didn’t get them in time to use them for the Christmas season so they’re finally getting inked for the first time.

I chose this stamp because I thought it would appeal to my family and friends as so many Newfoundlanders cut their own Christmas trees. (I also purchased a fisherman Santa as the fishing theme is big here too!)

Version 1 (simple – well, they’re both simple):

I was rather pleased with the button embellishment on this one – it’s a button from a duvet cover that I converted into a bedspread.  It’s nice and worn from the washing machine and has a little more character than a new button.

Version 2:

The only thing “fancier” than the first card is the patterned paper (they are both the same sheet…I just used the reverse side for the other card) and the fact that I used 3 shiny, new buttons.  As you can see, changing the background paper can really alter the look of a card.

Must dash…work time!