ETA: my personalized stamp was ordered from Staples about 5 years ago.  You do have an option to give them a graphic file (just bring in a jump drive and they’ll send the file off with your order)  My stamp is actually a graphic not text with a picture of a bee.  It took about 2 weeks to get the stamp back but I live in a more “remote” region of Canada so it might not take as long in a larger city.

Since this is a week of mass production for me (making the same 4 cards over and over for Mother’s Day) I don’t really have anything new to show you so I thought I’d talk about what I do with the inside and back of my cards and how I package them for sale.

I took random shots while I was making and packaging 5 cards tonight so the images won’t necessarily all belong to the same card (the card I did consistently take pics of is a bit dark for showing the process).

Once I’ve made a card I print the verse in MS Word (a tutorial can be arranged if anyone shows interest).  I cut the verse to size (1/8″ smaller than the inside) and use some leftover scraps of patterned paper for a quick decorative touch.  Here are some visuals (note: picture 3 is a different card):

This is a quick way to make the inside pop plus you don’t have to worry about how dark your cardstock is as the white is always highly visible.  It also gives you a way to cut down just a little more on the wasted patterned paper from your crafting!

As for the back of the card, I stamp it with the personalized stamp my husband designed and had made for me 5 years ago when I first started making (really bad) cards.  Once I’ve used that stamp I go back with some Karen Foster snap stamps (sadly discontinued a few years ago) and add my URL.  The back looks like this:

The final touch is putting an envelope with the card and packaging it in a clear bag (sorry for the glare – plastic is so hard to photograph!):

Using clear bags gives a really professional look to the cards and protects them from getting dirty prior to delivery.  When I make “random” cards to sell I print the verse on a slip of paper and pop in in the back of the envelope so you can read the verse without opening the plastic bag.  I use the same font as I used on the card so the customer knows what they are getting.

Before you ask, my clear bags (the A2 size) are from Dollarama but I haven’t seen them there for a while.  I also have 5X5 square bags that I bought in the UK last year (square cards are very popular in the UK…they have been for years and years – their store-bought cards are way nicer than North American cards).  I recently purchased some larger bags at 7kids – they fit my 5X6.5″ cards – no point in doing things halfway!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a variation on my most recent card and an interesting offer for some of you…be sure to check back!